Spotsylvania School Mask Mandate with Opt-Out Provision

Erin Grampp’s motion to mandate masks unless a parent submits an opt-out form passed at the July 26 school board meeting. The Grampp motion adds a burden of responsibility on parents to submit an opt-out form. The Grampp motion also adds more responsibility on school staff to enforce the mandate or check every students opt-out form status. Erin Grampp is the school board member from the Berkeley district.

At the July 12 school board meeting, a motion was proposed to make it the parent’s choice on whether their child wears a mask with no forms required. This proposal has no added burdens to parents or school staff. Grampp, Daniels, Braswell, and Shelley voted against the much simpler parental choice option and the motion was defeated 4-3.

The July 12 motion was less bureaucratic and less burdensome than the July 26 motion. Grampp developed and pushed for the more bureaucratic and more burdensome version.

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