Teacher Arrested, Background Checks, & Superintendent Baker

The Free Lance Star wrote an article on the arrest of a Spotsylvania County Schools teacher, Terrance Bushrod on October 15. Mr Bushrod was arrested in King George County and charged with Virginia code 18.2-370.1 – “Taking indecent liberties with child by person in custodial or supervisory relationship”. Per court records, the offense date was February 15, 2020. Mr Bushrod was hired by Spotsylvania County schools after the offense date. Naturally, we have some questions.

• Did Spotsylvania County Schools contact anyone at his previous job with the Colonial Beach school system to learn more about his background ?

• When did Superintendent Scott Baker become aware of this and when did he notify staff or school board members of this ?

• Why hasn’t Superintendent Scott Baker terminated Mr Bushrod’s employment from the school division instead of suspending him ?

Below are links to the state law he was charged with, the original free lance star article, and the case details on the King George County Circuit court webpage.



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