Show Me The Money !!

Eric Martin is owner of a business called the MacGuyver Group. Why is this important ? Mr. Martin and his business support the political campaigns for Erin Grampp, Rich Lieberman, Todd Rump and Dawn Shelley in 2019……..all the candidates on the left of the political spectrum.

Below are screenshots showing Mr Martin’s and his MacGuyver Group business’s donations to Grampp, Lieberman, Rumpp, and Shelley on the VPAP website. There is also a screenshot showing he runs the MacGuyver Group LLC. on the state corporation commission.

Mr. Martin links Grampp, Lieberman, Rump, and Shelley all together. This explains why they all support each other as we reported earlier on the spotsywire. We find it odd that they support Rich Lieberman because of his scandal as documented at

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