Kassie’s Elitist Rant

Former interim school board member Kassie Palmer made the following comment on her Parents Advocating Facebook page at 7:17pm on 10/29/2021 – “I would vote for Lieberman over Phelps, as I view her as an actual threat to our schools.”

Kassie just stated Phelps is a threat. Is Kassie aligning with the National School Board Association and the US attorney general in classifying Ms Phelps as a parental domestic terrorist ? A threat to the schools ? This seems beneath the holder of a higher education degree or is Kassie morally bankrupt ?

Kassie’s elitist attitude is on full display. This is the same lady associated with this individual – https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/richmond/news/press-releases/former-kellogg-salesman-sentenced-on-wire-fraud-charge

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