Grampp’s Word Soup on Critical Race Theory

At the July 12 school board meeting, Erin Grampp announced a resolution that allegedly was against Critical Race Theory (CRT). As we reported earlier, Grampp’s speech was just a wordy rambling speech filled with contradictions that did nothing to condemn Critical Race Theory –

Look at what Grampp says at 3:15:30 at the July 12 school board meeting (bottom of this post). She is ok with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) setting the curriculum. Its the very same curriculum that implements CRT as we reported in our previous article –

In the next sentence at 3:15:53, she says the Spotsylvania School board makes decisions for the “best interests of all students”. Is CRT in the best interest of all students ?

Another contradiction happens at 3:18:45. She encourages the VDOE to refrain from CRT but in the same wordy sentence promotes equity in investment. Equity is the implementation of CRT. Equity is not the same as equality.

“whereas the spotsylvania county public school board recognizes the virginia department of education determines the K thru 12 curriculum content in courses on history civics social studies and similar topics and supports the revised curriculum that fosters a more complete and accurate understanding of the past….”

We the spotsylvania county public school board affirms we will continue making decisions affecting K thru 12 public education based on the best interest of all students….

Encourages and advocates Virginia Department of Education and General Assembly to refrain from incorporating divisive ideals theorized by critical race theory and continue to support education policy and curriculum that promotes equality, equity in investment……….

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