Shelley The Barbarian

During the election of the new school board chair on January 10th, Dawn Shelley read a 2-minute speech that attacked Kirk Twigg’s character. This speech was personal, partisan, classless, and barbaric. Shelley’s unhinged speech rambled about various allegations and partisan political attacks. A portion of her speech attacked both Twigg and Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisor David Ross. Below is a link to the video of this speech.

This act by Shelley is worthy of censure. Attacking a sitting school board member is a violation of item 9 in school board policy BBC-R. Shelley’s apologize at the end of the school board meeting was insincere. In the video, you can see Shelly reading from a speech she took the time to plan and write down.

This speech occurred near the start of the school board meeting. Shelley set the tone for the rest of the night’s antics.

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