2/22 BOS Meeting, Speeches Part 1

Here is one of the best speeches at the 2/22/2022 Board of Supervisors meeting. This speech occurred during public comment. The speech is about keeping taxes low and showing initiative in one’s education. We agree that education starts at home with parents and children taking individual responsibility to further their own education. The government can not substitute or overcome individual responsibility.

This brings up another point. Yes, we agree that teachers should be paid more thru the across-the-board increase and pay scale modernization. We would like to see more of a merit-based system so that the best teachers are paid more. This is not expanding the scope of government.

The problem is that those on the left like Nicole Cole, Dawn Shelley, and Lorita Daniels advocate for a wish list of “wants” that expand the scope of government and increase bureaucracy. Government is very inefficient in its operations. Cole, Shelley, and Daniels think the government can solve all your problems. All of them conflate “wants” and “needs” as the same thing.

Throwing money at bureaucracy does not resolve anything. For example, Balitmore has some of the worst test scores in the country yet has one of the highest amounts of money going towards education. It is not a money issue. It is an individual responsibility issue.

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