Dirty Uncle Rich’s Harassment

Former school board candidate Rich Lieberman decided to harass some members of the audience at the March 7 school board meeting. Since a school board meeting is a public forum, it is perfectly legal to video record. Afterall, Mr Lieberman has video recorded the audience in the past. When a camera was focused on Lieberman, Lieberman engaged in harassment. A law enforcement officer instructed Lieberman to stop the harassment. Below is the dialog and video.

Lieberman: “If you want to video me, I will get closer to you”

Young lady off camera: “You are making me feel uncomfortable”.

Lieberman: “He is making me feel uncomfortable”

Young lady off camera: “I am feeling very uncomfortable right now and he is harassing me”

Cop – “Is this the hill you want to die on”

At the end of the school board meeting, Lieberman attempted to closely follow school board member Lisa Phelps as she was leaving the parking lot. We have several witnesses that confirm this story

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