Court Hearing on 3/25

We will have more in a few days on the 3/25 court hearing in the Makaila Keyes vs conservative school board member’s case. There is a lot of spin generated by Adele of the free lance star and on social media that is not accurate.

* Despite what Adele stated in her FLS article, the court date is not set.  EDIT…At 5pm on 3.25, the new virginia online case information system 2.0 did not show a date.  The 1.0 version website does show the case info with a date that we know isn’t confirmed.  Having both case search versions does cause confusion.  Also at 5pm on 3.25 sources stated the time wasn’t settled.  It was not set in open court either.

* Nicole Cole managed to hit a parked car twice in the parking lot. This occurred as Isaiah was leaving the courthouse.

* Dirty Uncle Rich decided to chase Lisa Phelps to the bathroom. A month ago, he chased Phelps after a late school board meeting in the parking lot. Why is he doing this? Is he obsessed with Phelps? Is he mad he lost the election to Phelps?

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