Spotsy Schools Pays VSBA 12K

At the June 13 school board meeting, Lisa Phelps explains that the Spotsylvania County school division pays the Virginia School Board Association (VSBA) $12000 per year in membership fees. This does not include the cost for seminars or other services that that VSBA provides. The overall cost by Spotsylvania County taxpayers we suspect is much higher. Check out the video below.

Shelley, Cole, and other leftists make the claim that spending a few hundred dollars at a conservative conference is a crime. Yet, Shelley, Cole, and other leftists have no problem spending over $12000 in taxpayer dollars towards a partisan leftist organization. The double standard is self-evident. Why is there not more outrage against spending $12000 plus vs just a few hundred dollars?

The VSBA claims to be a nonpartisan organization. However, the Spotsy Wire has provided evidence from the VSBA website that this is not the case. VSBA has leftist positions that are pro-labor union, anti-school choice, anti-school vouchers, and has lobbyists pushing pro-leftist partisan issues. Check out our earlier articles on this issue.

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