Taylor Told the Truth

Media outlets have unfairly attacked the character of Spotsylvania County Superintendent candidate Mark Taylor. The media coverage has been biased with no attempt to research the positive effect that Mr. Taylor has had in the community. Over the past few weeks, we have communicated with Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor sent us the email below as an example of his character and what he is about.

To put this email into context, the Spotsylvania County school board was violating FOIA regularly in the mid-2000s. Two different county attorneys agreed with Mr. Taylor on this fact despite former Livingston District school board member Ray Lora stating otherwise. The bottom line is that Mr. Taylor told the truth. This was covered in an article in the Free Lance Star on Friday October 26, 2007.

Taylor uses this email to drive home the point that his focus is on the truth even if it is uncomfortable. He wants the truth of what is occurring in Spotsylvania County schools so that problems can be addressed head on. This is why we at the Spotsy Wire firmly believe he will make a great superintendent. Taylor is outside of the educational establishment. It is the very same educational establishment that cannot get out of its own way to address the real problems happening in the schools such as declining test scores, explicit books, implementing DEI initiatives that distract from education, etc.

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