The Nasty Nicole Standard

Spotsylvania County School board member Nicole Cole decided to involve herself in Superintendent candidate Mark Taylor’s family at the Friday September 16 school board meeting. Nicole Cole has a pattern of attacking the families of her political opponents to score political points. Let’s look at some of Cole’s past behavior.

If a parent disagrees with Cole, then she will come after their child from the dais or reveal private information about them. Nicole Cole has set a standard in local politics that family members are not off limits. Cole sets another standard that the behavior of a family member defines the character of an individual.

Let’s apply the Nasty Nicole Cole standard towards Cole. One of Cole’s family members made an inappropriate racist statement on social media earlier this year. Max Cole stated, “I hate white people”. Using Cole’s standard, it is fine to bring this up. Using the Nasty Nicole standard, this family member’s conduct accurately describes Cole’s character. Here is the video showing this family member using the Nasty Nicole standard of local politics.

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