The Case for School Choice

Here is the raw video of the student protest at Spotsylvania High School on September 27th. The school administration allowed political activism to occur on school grounds. We thought the purpose of school was to get an education in an environment free of politics. Yet, school administrators allowed a disruption to the learning environment during the school day.

This video makes a very strong case for school choice or a school voucher program. Afterall, parents are the ultimate authority over their child’s education. There are many parents that do not want educators to promote radical ideology to their child. They just want their child to get an education that prepares them for a job. If there was a school voucher program in place, we suspect many parents would take advantage of that after seeing this video.

It is our understanding that parents were not informed of this student protest in advance. The educators and administrators at Spotsylvania High School took away a parent’s right to make the decision on whether or not their child should be around this protest. This “we know better for your child” attitude that the educators display disrespects parents. Furthermore, the administration did nothing to enforce the code of conduct. Students used profanity and no school resource officers were seen in the camera.

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