Thought Experiment

There was a student protest inside Spotsylvania High School on Tuesday September 27. One can easily find these videos all over social media. We will post a video from another camera angle shortly. This got us thinking. How does one get approval to do a student protest inside a school? Could we do one spontaneously?

Here is a thought experiment. Since the school administration allows protests inside public schools now, we at the Spotsy Wire propose holding one of the following student protests listed below. We imagine that the school administration would have no problem with this. Would the school administration set a double standard or be hypocrites on these protests below? Yes or No?

  • Protest the right to wear a confederate flag in silence anywhere on school grounds
  • Protest the right to read from a bible out loud with a megaphone anywhere on school grounds
  • Protest that Nicole Cole and Dawn Shelley need to resign because they are a disgrace to the community
  • Protest against the student protest on 9/27 because those of us that live in objective reality realize that the bathroom issue is based on objective facts such as chromosome structure instead of subjective feelings
  • Protest the right for school choice because there are those of us that want to focus on learning instead of politics. Some of us do not want any disruption on our education from those on the far left that focus on feelings instead of facts

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