Amazing Litchfield Coincidence

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the Virginia Department of Education are Nicole Cole and Aubrey Litchfield. There is a radical far-left candidate Ben Litchfield running for state senate against Matt Strickland. Both Ben Litchfield and Aubrey Litchfield have the same last name. That is an amazing coincidence!

Much to our surprise, there is an Aubrey Litchfield that posted comments on Ben Litchfield’s August 8, 2022 Facebook post. There is also a picture of Ben Litchfield with Nicole Cole on August 25th with Dawn Shelley liking the post. What an amazing coincidence! Could it be that Aubrey Litchfield, Ben Litchfield, Nicole Cole, and Dawn Shelley are associated? Could this all be about politics instead of the kids? Is this all just an amazing coincidence?

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