The Kids are Hungry

It is amusing listening to our friends on the left conflate multiple issues simultaneously with regards to teachers providing kids snacks during the school day. The core argument is that kids learn better when they are provided snacks. However, test scores have been on a steady decline since the early 2010s. Providing snacks to kids to improve learning was not a thing when the test scores were higher. This fabricated issue is all just a red herring.

Why is it a red herring? This fabricated issue exists to distract from the woke policy positions of Cole, Shelley, Daniels, Lieberman and other political activists. There is no problem to solve here. They are using the kids as a political tool to promote a dependency on the government. Nicole Cole, an expert at wasting people’s money, proposes to use 390K in taxpayer carryover money to fund snacks while roofs are still leaking.

  • The donated snacks are junk food that does more harm than good.
  • Nicole Cole wants to mandate the taxpayer fund junk food for the kids
  • Cole, Shelley, Daniels, Lieberman all make it sound like every kid has this desperate need for snacks
  • There are programs that already exist that fund snacks or food for kids in the low-income demographic. Some of this food is being thrown away from our understanding
  • There are some that would like to donate snacks for free in the school division. Ok, fine, let them.
  • The snacks issue never existed until recently. Somehow millions and millions of students over many decades survived without snacks but somehow managed to get higher test scores. Funny how that worked out in the past.

At the end of the day this is a fabricated issue. Parents are responsible for their own child’s welfare. The teacher is not to interfere with parent’s rights over their own kids. If a teacher feels a student should have a snack, then contact the parent. Yes, there are a small percentage of parents that are in the low-income demographic or are negligent with their own kids. There are programs that already exist for those kids. The way that political hacks such as Cole are portraying the issue is that all the kids are hungry, and it is necessary to provide snacks immediately. Give me a break!

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