Frivolous Lawsuits that Defund Schools

The frivolous lawsuits against the Spotsylvania County school division are a waste of taxpayer dollars. Budget season is just around the corner. Many will advocate for higher pay, extra programs, and more overall money for the schools. Yet, the frivolous lawsuits continue to drain taxpayer money. How is it possible to advocate for higher pay when taxpayer money is redirected towards fighting frivolous lawsuits?

The Board of Supervisors provides minimal funds to the school division so every penny counts. To protect the taxpayer, we think those initiating each individual lawsuit (Jeff Glazer, Christina Ramos, Makaila Keyes, and school board member Nicole Cole) should reimburse the school division for legal fees and pay the court costs. These individuals have lost every one of their cases in court. See the link below. Yet, they want to continue to appeal these cases that are clearly a lost cause.

The teachers, bus drivers, and school staff that donate to these frivolous lawsuits do not realize the damage they are doing to their own financial well-being. Inflation continues to eat away at wages. Yet, teachers and bus drivers donating to these frivolous lawsuits are decreasing the possibility of pay increases. How is that helpful during this time of high inflation? However, if a teacher has the money to donate to these frivolous lawsuits, do they really need a pay increase since they have all this extra money?

Below are screen shots of the donors to these frivolous lawsuits on the GoFundMe website. The donor list is publicly available for all to see. We find it interesting that a “Baron Braswell” donated. Weird, there was a former radical leftist school board member named Baron Braswell that ended his term in 2021. Thats an amazing coincidence.

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