Summary of the Gourmeltz Situation

Matt Strickland provides a good summary of the Gourmeltz situation in the below video. The whole situation shows the tyranny of a bureaucratic government attempting to still enforce covid mandates. The problem with bureaucracy is that the bureaucracy cannot solve an easy problem with common sense. This entire situation proves the need for smaller government.

The incompetence of the Virginia ABC is on full display. The original basis for the suspension of the alcohol license was the suspension of the health department permit due to covid restrictions. The health department permit was reinstated so there was no longer any basis for the suspension of the alcohol license. Yet the Virginia ABC and the idiot judge upheld the alcohol license suspension. This is bureaucratic incompetence at its finest. This whole situation makes a strong case for smaller government.

Matt Strickland gave us permission to post this video on the Spotsy Wire YouTube and Rumble accounts. Just in case Facebook decides to censor or remove the original video on Mr. Strickland’s Facebook page, there are other avenues to view the video.

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