The Fight Jezebel Fund

As mentioned in the earlier Spotsy Wire article, Dawn Shelley has weaponed the legal system to take away the first amendment rights of a private citizen by placing a restraining order against Roy Searles. The restraining order is frivolous as there is no specific evidence of harm or threats. It is just a tool for Shelley to take away the first amendment rights of a private citizen.

To fight this tyranny, Searles is raising money to cover legal expenses. Searles won a court battle against Lieberman’s frivolous allegations a few months ago. To stop this frivolous legal battle and to go after those engaged in frivolous lawsuits, please consider donating to the Fight Jezebel Fund thru PayPal, Zelle, and Cash App. You can download all these apps to your phone or visit the websites below.


Zelle: 540-735-4994

Cash App: ras0176

We encourage speakers during public comment at the school board meeting on Monday 1/9 to please remind Shameful Shelley aka Jezebel that she can not infringe on a citizens first amendment right.

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