Nicole Cole’s Nasty Email to the Board of Supervisors

School Board member Nicole Cole sent an email to every member of the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors complaining about the donations made by Ross and McLaughlin towards the Fight Jezebel Fund supporting Roy Searles legal bills. Shelley’s exaggerated claims of harassment and stalking are not rooted on evidence. As previously reported, the affidavit does not provide a single piece of evidence supporting Shelley’s accusations. Just like Shelley, Cole just likes to say things. Just like Shelley, words offend Cole.

We believe Nasty Nicole should be publicly reprimanded at every school board meeting for her harassment and treatment of the conservative members of the school board. Perhaps Nasty Nicole, Shameful Shelley, and Lying Lorita should be reprimanded monthly for their collective support of Cole’s Uvalde comments or attacks on private citizens. Examples are in the links below.

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