Riverbend Response by Cole & Shelley

Fox 5 DC did an interview with far-left school board members Dawn Shelley and Nicole Cole on the fights at Riverbend High School on January 17. At the bottom of this article is what they actually said in the interview. Here is our take on Cole and Shelley’s interview.

How did Lawsuit Happy Shelley and Cole know within 24 hours of the fights that Riverbend faculty doesn’t have classroom management training? Why didn’t Shelley and Cole bring it up months ago at the appropriate place like a school board meeting? If training would have prevented the fights, what is Shelley’s excuse? Afterall, she was on the majority of the school board for over ten years during a time when there were endless fights at Spotsylvania County schools. It is clear that these two school board members do not want to work with this board or administration. Cole and Shelley are behind multiple lawsuits against fellow board members, joins protests to recall fellow board members, write derogatory social media posts against board members or the administration, and weaponize the legal system to silence citizens. Nasty Nicole and Shameful Shelley (aka Jezebel) are only useful for subverting everyday operations. Lack of control is their only dilemma.

Shelley: “A lot of our positions are being covered by substitutes and nothing against them, but they haven’t gone through some training and a lot of non-licensed people in the classroom that have not gone through behavior training or classroom management training…..”

Cole: “I am not a big supporter of students who are supposed to be in a learning developmental environment uhmm being charged criminally. Our schools are not jails, but we do have to make sure that the kids who, that kids are protected. The kids who are there to learn.”

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