Shameful Shelley’s Minions

Dawn Shelley’s minions spoke at the January 24th Board of Supervisors meeting to criticize Supervisors Dave Ross and Tim McLaughlin’s donations to the Roy Searles legal fund. The legal fund was established to fight against the Dawn Shelley frivolous court cases. The propaganda provided by Rebecca Murray and Mellissa Brace during public comment do not align with the facts of this case.

Murray and Brace fail to understand three important facts on this case in their speeches. First, the judge dismissed the case by Shelley. If there was any merit to Shelley’s allegations, then the case wouldn’t have been immediately dismissed. Second, the judge stated that Shelley presented no evidence to support her allegations or support any kind of restraining order. Third, Searles attorney pointed out that Shelley’s affidavit is Searles best defense because Shelley states she was not threatened.

Searles has raised over $2500.00 in his legal fund as of 8pm on 1/25/2023. Below is Supervisor Dave Ross’s response to Murray, Brace, and Shelley.

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