Searles vs Shelley Round 3

The next court date for Dawn Shelley vs Roy Searles is on April 18. Spotsylvania County Commonwealth’s attorney Travis Bird will not prosecute the case. Instead, a special prosecutor out of Richmond VA will handle things. We predict that Searles will easily win the criminal case for his 4th straight court victory. Just like the civil cases brought on by Shelley, this criminal charge is frivolous.

Searles is currently undefeated at 3-0 in court cases against the far left. This includes two big wins against School board member Dawn “Jezebel” Shelley and one big win against former failed school board candidate Rich Lieberman. This all fits a pattern of the far left weaponizing the court system. Below are earlier articles covering how Searles keeps winning against Shameful Shelley.

One thought on “Searles vs Shelley Round 3

  1. I speak on behalf of our quiet Majority and reside in the Livingston District.
    Respectful behavior starts with leadership. It’s has been the same three board members who have been disruptive to the process and wasting everyone’s time. The school bully can not be school board members lashing out at constituents and filing false lawsuits in order to delay progress. If you can not control yourself from yelling and having temper tantrums, it’s best to give yourself a time out rather than embarrass yourselves and our school division. Constituents want to hear school business, not yelling and political grandstanding. Teachers would never allow that type of classroom behavior from students so please stop attacking our parents and staff. Have some self control…self respect and remember that your divisive outbursts have been video archived for all to see.

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