Crybaby Shelley

Here are two emails that school board member Dawn Shelley sent to Superintendent Mark Taylor back in February 2023. Note that Shelley cc’s fellow school board members Nicole Cole and Lorita Daniels. Shelley is openly hostile to the Superintendent. Let’s address some of the points in Shelley’s emails.

  • Shameful Shelley refers to an anonymous Facebook page. Who can she be referring to? It can’t be the Spotsy Wire since we are more than a Facebook page. Our website gets more traffic than our Facebook page.
  • Whatever anonymous page Shameful Shelley is referring to, can you blame Mark Taylor? Shelley voted against Taylor being the Superintendent. She fought every step of the way to prevent Taylor from being the Superintendent. Why would Taylor waste any time with the Shameful one ?
  • Can Shelley explain why she continues to forward emails to the Free Lance Star and Adele? If Shelley can forward emails to Adele, then Taylor can forward items to this so called “anonymous” page.

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