Kids Not Politics with the Unions

The Spotsylvania County School board will vote on removing automatic payroll deductions for union dues at the April 10 school board meeting by revising policy DLB-R2. This is a great win for students and parents because it removes political partisan unions from education. The Spotsylvania Education Association is the local union that is affiliated with the Virginia Education Association (VEA) and the National Education Association (NEA).

In Virginia, individual school districts can allow unions to have collective bargaining. Removing automatic payroll deductions is a step in the right direction to remove partisan political influence of unions in education. Unions are obviously upset by this. The VEA president wrote an article on their website called “What’s the Spotsylvania School Board so Afraid Of?”. Well, we will answer that question directly.

The problem with public sector unions that hold collective bargaining powers is that they bargain against the taxpayer. Union dues are spent to elect pro-union politicians. Those same pro-union politicians negotiate with the same union for taxpayer dollars which in turn pays the union. This corrupt circular cycle continues on and on and on.

The other problem is that SEA is associated with the radical leftist NEA organization. The NEA is the same organization that proposed a resolution to change “mother” to “birthing parent” at their meeting last summer. Redefining words is both Orwellian and comical. The NEA thru the VEA and SEA spend their influence on indoctrination instead of education.

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