Terrible Tara’s Gaslighting

Tara Durant and Matt Strickland are in the Republican primary for the Virginia 27th senate district. Durant has sent a number of mailers attacking Strickland as a liberal. Some of our readers report receiving at least 3 mailers a week for the past month or so. We find it comical that Durant has resorted to gaslighting the voters. We believe Durant must be desperate because we believe her internal poll numbers show she her behind in the primary.

Here is a great example on why Strickland is far more conservative than Durant. Strickland made the case for smaller government when he stood up to the government bureaucracy that prevented him from running his business. Strickland didn’t just talk. He put his life, business, and financial position at risk to stand up for individual rights against government tyranny. We do not remember Durant doing something like that.

We do not remember a time when Durant or Youngkin spoke out against government tyranny against Strickland’s business. Perhaps it’s because their behavior is more in line with the establishment RINOs and democrats. It makes us laugh when Durant accuses Strickland of being a liberal when Durant does the same things liberals do by gaslighting the public.

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