Shameful Shelley’s 36 Hour Deadline

We understand that the review of the Superintendent’s work performance by the school board will take place at the Monday June 12 school board meeting. Below is an email from Dawn Shelley demanding she get information on security assessments within 36 hours. If Jezebel Shelly does not get her demands answered within 36 hours, the Superintendent apparently will be guilty of insubordination.

Dawn Shelley is manufacturing a crisis. Shameful Shelley’s email was sent at 4pm on Saturday June 10. The 36-hour deadline is 4am on Monday morning. This unrealistic timetable apparently serves as the pretext for a negative review of the Superintendent. Plus, it is not in the best interests of the school division to disclose security information in a public manner. Chair Phelps’s response to Shameful Shelley is priceless.

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