Spotsy Wire Endorses Matt Strickland

The Spotsy Wire endorses Matt Strickland for the VA-27 senate seat. Strickland is a small business owner and veteran. Strickland is a principled conservative that epitomizes the American Dream. Instead of talking like most politicians, Strickland stood up to the tyrannical government by putting his business and livelihood on the line. That is why we endorse Matt Strickland.

We hope that Matt Strickland wins in a landslide over Tara Durant. Tara Durant has proven herself to be everything that is wrong with politics. Durant disrespects a veteran by sending out a text message on the night of Friday June 16 calling him a “loser”. The Durant campaign has spent just under $600,000 in the GOP primary. This is an unheard-of amount of money just on a primary. The big money donors to the Durant campaign are primarily businesses, special interest groups, and the Governor’s PAC.

We hope that Strickland crushes Durant on June 20th. It will be satisfying knowing that Durant wasted $600,000. It will be satisfying knowing that Strickland defeated Durant’s propaganda campaign. It will also be satisfying knowing that the Governor made a massive political blunder by condoning Durant’s violation of Ronald Regan’s 11th commandment.

We predict that the senate would be controlled by the GOP by a small margin. If that occurs, Strickland will have significant leverage over the establishment to make principled changes here in Virginia. Here are links to our previous articles on the Strickland vs Durant race.

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