Radical Lorita Daniels

Spotsylvania County School Board member Lorita Daniels constantly promotes equity at school board meetings. Apparently, Daniels believes in this equity garbage so much that she had to create a nonprofit organization to promote this wild ideology. This ideology is dangerous for students.

Equity is the lie that if we simply redistribute financial resources, justice will be done. Equity, which is different from equality, is the idea that no matter what bad decisions you make, any statistical disparity in test scores must be the result of discrimination so the system must be restructured. (this comes partially from a quote from the Ben Shapiro podcast on 6/27/2023)

Equity is dangerous in education. It provides an excuse for student underachievement because of the “system” instead of the student’s own individual choices. If a student does not spend much time on their homework, forgets to study, or does not listen in class, then it must be the “system”. Apparently, equity is ingrained in everything Daniels believes. That is the wrong message to send to students.

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