Daniels Equity Push

At the September school board meeting, Lorita Daniels stated in no uncertain terms that she supports equity. Equity is not equality of opportunity. Equity is equality of outcome. Equity promotes mediocrity and is a disincentive for high student achievement. Lorita Daniels believes in these California values.

  • Equity is the lie that giving a student a 50 instead of a zero for a missed assignment somehow makes the student better.
  • Equity is the lie that we must remove more advanced level classes because minority students are underrepresented in those classes.
  • Equity is the lie that says when a student of minority background gets low grades because they do not study or pay attention in class, it’s not their fault.

We have seen these California values spread across the country. Lying Lorita Daniels, Crackpot Carol Medawar, Nasty Nicole, and the rest of the Wokeys want to push this ideology onto children. Here are some recent articles on equity.




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