School Board Meeting on October 9

There is a regular meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on October 9. Here are screenshots of the agenda. The major action item concerns the Spotsylvania High School stage lighting project. This is the last school board meeting before the election, so we expect some fireworks. We hope to learn answers to the following questions at this meeting.

  • Will Marxist Megan Jackson claim stolen parental valor for bringing SROs to schools?
  • Will Shameful Shelley turn into Jezebel during the school board meeting?
  • Will Crackpot Carol explain why her NEA wanted to change “mother” to “birthing parent”.
  • Can Lying Lorita explain how explicit books teach skills for the real world?
  • Will Radical Rodas show her true California values?
  • Will Shameful Shelley send more emails to the Spotsy Wire and Adele at the Free Lance Star?

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