Endorsement Alert – Kirk Twigg

The Spotsy Wire endorses incumbent candidate Kirk Twigg for Spotsylvania County School Board, Livingston District. Mr. Twigg is the only conservative in this race. He is the bulwark standing against the woke policies of the left such as allowing boys in girls’ sports/bathrooms and sexually explicit books in front of children in schools. Mr. Twigg ‘s has consistently supported parents’ rights during his time on the school board.



Twigg’s main opponent continues to show her immature behavior on social media. She has used profane language towards parents and children. She associates with many far-left extremists such as Nicole Cole, Dawn Shelley, and Roger Harris. Her signage has been found at the Democrat tent during early voting. Although she is projecting herself as a moderate, she is really a trojan horse seeking to implement woke policies in the school division.


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