Endorsement Alert – Matt Strickland

The Spotsy Wire endorses Matt Strickland as the write-in candidate for the VA-27 senate seat and write-in candidate for the VA-63 Delegate seat. Strickland is a small business owner and veteran. Strickland is a principled conservative that epitomizes the American Dream. Instead of talking like most politicians, Strickland stood up to the tyrannical government by putting his business and livelihood on the line. That is why we endorse Matt Strickland as the write-in candidate.


The establishment is going to complain that the Spotsy Wire must support GOP nominee Tara Durant and Phill Scott. Yet, the very same establishment Republicans are hypocrites that support woke candidates. RINO Chris Yakabouski publicly supports woke school board candidate Marxist Megan Jackson instead of the Spotsy GOP backed candidate Kirk Twigg. RINO Gerald Childress supports Roger Hamas Harris with campaign donations instead of the Spotsy GOP backed candidate Steve Maxwell. Terrible Tara Durant received a campaign donation from her now woke opponent Joel Griffin. Yet, the GOP does not step in to punish these individuals for supporting woke candidates.

Don’t lecture us for supporting an actual conservative. Terrible Tara Durant made a massive political blunder with a violation of Ronald Regan’s 11th commandment by attacking Strickland during the primary. Dawn Shelley’s write-in campaign for delegate is laughable given her past history. Look at our previous articles on these issues.



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