Our List of Preferred Candidates

The Spotsy Wire announced our list of endorsed candidates this past weekend. We are now announcing our list of preferred candidates that are running against an opponent.

School Board Chancellor District: Our preferred candidate is Jordan Lynch. We have concerns over Lynch’s conservative values. He has associated with Marxist Megan Jackson and Gerald Childress. For some reason that no one can comprehend, he acts like a lost puppy seeking the affection of the misogynistic Uncle Rich. For some reason, he took the far left’s talking points about past Superintendent Baker’s resignation. However, we prefer Lynch strictly because Rodas is a far worse option that would trample on parents’ rights and allow boys in girls sports/bathrooms.

Board of Supervisors Courtland District: Our preferred candidate is Drew Mullins. We know very little about Mullins other than he has the support from the Republican party. We prefer Mullins because his opponent scares us. His opponent is a young 20 something on the far left with no life experience.

Board of Supervisors Chancellor District: In this race, we prefer either Dawn Shameful Shelley as a write-in candidate (which would allow us to mock her behavior for the next 4 entertaining years) or don’t vote for Martin and Childress so that they both lose simultaneously. Childress is a RINO whose principles change with the weather. He gets a lot of campaign contributions from developers so we know how he will vote. A vote for Childress is a vote for turning Spotsylvania County into Fairfax County. Childress donated $400 to the campaign of Roger Hamas Harris who supported BLM and by extension Hamas. For some reason that no one can comprehend, he gets the affection of the misogynistic Uncle Rich. Uncle Rich keeps claiming Childress is a good guy in his facebook videos so that should have everyone worried. We find Childress to be disgusting if he takes his cues from Uncle Rich.

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