The Freedom Middle School Survey

Here are screenshots of a letter from Freedom Middle School’s principal Eric Wright about a student survey and screenshots of the proposed survey. Note a few things.

  • A parent does not have access to their child’s answers on the student survey.
  • There are questions about student’s sexual orientation and gender identity (highlighted in yellow)
  • Why provide leading questions to students? Leading questions elicits a certain type of response to create misleading data.

This survey shows that educators are functioning in the role of indoctrinating middle school age children (ages 12 to 14) by giving validity to identity politics when asking sexual orientation or gender identity questions. Why keep a child’s answers a secret from parents? The idea that one can subjectively change their gender and impose this subjective believe system on others goes directly against scientific fact. That is hardly a controversial statement.

For those of us that live in objective reality, there can only be males and females. How do we know that? Since the beginning of time there has only been one way to procreate. It requires a male and a female. Procreation is not possible thru one’s subjective identity.

Call to Action: Illegal Contract Signed by Dawn Shelley

There were substantive violations of Virginia Code 22.1-60 by past school board chair Dawn Shelley when she signed an illegal contract with prior Superintendent Scott Baker. This illegal contract occurred during the 2021 lame duck session and without the required 30 days’ advanced notice. Below is a screenshot of the illegal contract signed on 12/13/2021 by Shelley. Our 1/13/2022 article explains why this is an illegal contract –

We are calling on the community to hold Shelley accountable for these illegal actions by contacting the Commonwealth’s attorney. The contact information below can be found on the following website –


Phone: 540-507-7650

Virginia code 22.1-60-C clearly states that “No school board shall renegotiate a superintendent’s contract during the period following the election or appointment of new members and the date such members are qualified and assume office”. A contract is an agreement between two parties regardless of the label of the legal instrument. The label “separation agreement” is a contract.

Virginia code 22.1-60-D states “Whenever a superintendent’s contract is being renegotiated, all members of the school board shall be notified at least 30 days in advance of any meeting at which a vote is planned on the renegotiated contract…..”

Not only does Shelley’s action appear to break the law, but more importantly the leftist majority school board in 2021 created deception by misleading parents, staff, students, and the entire community on this contract. This caused confusion and smoke screens for Shelley’s subsequent irrational behavior.

Internal Audit Shows Funding Available for 25 More Positions

An internal audit performed by the Spotsylvania County School division revealed that there was funding for an additional 25.5 positions since 2019. These banked positions represent close to two million dollars in funding per Superintendent Mark Taylor’s speech at the January 9th school board meeting. Taylor also mentioned that this internal audit was performed in the interest of transparency. Much of these banked positions occurred during the time of previous superintendent Scott Baker.

These additional positions could have been used to take the workload away from teachers and staff. The previous Superintendent, for whatever reason, withheld these staffing positions that could have been used to support students. It is a positive development that this audit was performed in the interest of transparency. Here is the video from School Board Chair Lisa Phelps explaining the situation.

Shameful Shelley’s Minions

Dawn Shelley’s minions spoke at the January 24th Board of Supervisors meeting to criticize Supervisors Dave Ross and Tim McLaughlin’s donations to the Roy Searles legal fund. The legal fund was established to fight against the Dawn Shelley frivolous court cases. The propaganda provided by Rebecca Murray and Mellissa Brace during public comment do not align with the facts of this case.

Murray and Brace fail to understand three important facts on this case in their speeches. First, the judge dismissed the case by Shelley. If there was any merit to Shelley’s allegations, then the case wouldn’t have been immediately dismissed. Second, the judge stated that Shelley presented no evidence to support her allegations or support any kind of restraining order. Third, Searles attorney pointed out that Shelley’s affidavit is Searles best defense because Shelley states she was not threatened.

Searles has raised over $2500.00 in his legal fund as of 8pm on 1/25/2023. Below is Supervisor Dave Ross’s response to Murray, Brace, and Shelley.

Searles vs Shelley Update

As of 10:30pm on 1/23/2023, Searles has raised $1775 for his legal fund to defend against the frivolous cases brought by school board member Dawn Shelley. The first $2500 covers the legal fees for the civil case and the next $2500 covers the legal fees for the criminal case. Lets get Searles thru the finish line ! Below is the link to donate.

Letter to the Community, Chris Harris

Chris Harris, a candidate for Spotsylvania County School Board in the Salem District, wrote a letter to the community about his campaign. Below is the letter from Mr. Harris.

Folks, it’s time to start engaging our community in our fight to fix the Spotsylvania County School system. We need to raise $1500 by the end of January. Ours is a local campaign of concerned citizens and people who want a better education for their children. We don’t have the corporate or political financial backing like our opponents. Your donations are vital to get our campaign off the ground and get the word out to the people in the Salem District. You can donate here on our Facebook page at or you can visit our webpage at Please accept my thanks for your contributions.

School Board Special Meeting on January 24

There is a special meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on January 24. Screenshots of the agenda are below. The main purpose of the meeting is the presentation of the Superintendents FY 2024 Recommended Budget. We hope to also learn answers to the following questions.

  • Will the proposed budget include money towards the fabricated snack crisis in the schools?
  • Will someone donate a Snickers bar to Shameful Shelley to change her attitude? This is the real snack crisis, right?
  • Will Nasty Nicole announce another frivolous lawsuit against Mark Taylor?
  • Will the proposed budget fund more of Lying Lorita’s radical equity initiatives?

Riverbend Response by Cole & Shelley

Fox 5 DC did an interview with far-left school board members Dawn Shelley and Nicole Cole on the fights at Riverbend High School on January 17. At the bottom of this article is what they actually said in the interview. Here is our take on Cole and Shelley’s interview.

How did Lawsuit Happy Shelley and Cole know within 24 hours of the fights that Riverbend faculty doesn’t have classroom management training? Why didn’t Shelley and Cole bring it up months ago at the appropriate place like a school board meeting? If training would have prevented the fights, what is Shelley’s excuse? Afterall, she was on the majority of the school board for over ten years during a time when there were endless fights at Spotsylvania County schools. It is clear that these two school board members do not want to work with this board or administration. Cole and Shelley are behind multiple lawsuits against fellow board members, joins protests to recall fellow board members, write derogatory social media posts against board members or the administration, and weaponize the legal system to silence citizens. Nasty Nicole and Shameful Shelley (aka Jezebel) are only useful for subverting everyday operations. Lack of control is their only dilemma.

Shelley: “A lot of our positions are being covered by substitutes and nothing against them, but they haven’t gone through some training and a lot of non-licensed people in the classroom that have not gone through behavior training or classroom management training…..”

Cole: “I am not a big supporter of students who are supposed to be in a learning developmental environment uhmm being charged criminally. Our schools are not jails, but we do have to make sure that the kids who, that kids are protected. The kids who are there to learn.”

Letter to the Community, Steve Maxwell

Steve Maxwell, a candidate for Spotsylvania County Sheriff, wrote a letter about school security in light of the incident at Riverbend High School. Below is the letter from Mr. Maxwell.

It has been brought to our attention that there was a fight at Riverbend High School in Spotsylvania VA that involved several students. The fight, which occurred Tuesday January 17th, was a violent assault upon numerous students by other students while going about their morning routines inside the school. Upon review of the video your station has aired, and upon our own investigation into the incident, we have discovered that this altercation was a direct result of a previous incident at basketball game.

There is also video evidence that the school resource officer (SRO) was not available during the melee, but was outside of the school building. It has also been discovered that the Spotsylvania County Sheriff has pulled resources from the schools due to a lack of minimum staffing at the Sheriff’s Department. It is our opinion that the lack of Deputies in the school exacerbated the incident. If there were a permanent, continuous presence of an SRO, that person would have known about the previous incident that remained volatile (the basketball game), they could have then asked for additional resources to back up the Officer that was performing duties outside the building where they may have prevented the fight on January 17th.

A solution for this type of senseless incident lies with proper staffing within the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Department that the school has already asked and paid for which is written out in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the 2022-23 school year. The real culprit here lies with the improper staffing issues with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office. We believe that real and honest communication from the Sheriff to the School Superintendent and Board, instead of what appears to be party politics, would greatly improve the staffing issues for our underserved schools. The continuous pull-out of SROs from school functions after the conservative School Board was elected as stated by the current Sheriff in numerous interviews, has been of great detriment to our children. An administrator at the Sheriff’s Department stated to the schools that they have to pull SROs because of the lack of minimum staffing levels within the Sheriff’s Department, and they cannot provide agreed upon SRO staff any longer.

We hope that an appeal to the sitting Sheriff to change his policies and reinstate the full MOU to the Spotsylvania School system will allow for a better safety and security response to our children and staff of Spotsylvania County Schools.

Steve Maxwell
Candidate for Spotsylvania County Sheriff

The Score Board on 1/20, Losing Streak Grows

Here is the score board for all the frivolous lawsuits brought by woke school board members in Spotsylvania County and woke activists. The woke school board members and woke activists have collectively lost 6 straight court cases in their attempt to weaponize the court system for frivolous causes. Searles is undefeated at 2-0 with upcoming wins expected. Cole, Shelley, and Daniels are experts at wasting money on frivolous causes.

Here is a run-down on past court cases involving attacks on conservatives.

9/14/2022, GC22004207-00, Rich Lieberman vs Roy Searles: UNCLE RICH LOST. No evidence that supported anything by Uncle Rich. Searles should sue him for malicious prosecution.

10/17/2022, CL22002341-00 and CL22000953-00, Makaila Keyes vs Conservative 4 on the school board: KEYES LOST. They could not prove the “knowing and willing” part of the law.

10/27/2022, CL22003137-00, Jeffrey Glazer (Bernadette’s Husband) & Christina Ramos vs Spotsy School Board: GLAZER & RAMOS LOST. They lost in their attempt to prevent Mark Taylor from becoming Superintendent.

11/02/2022, CL22003454-00, Nicole Cole vs Spotsy School Board: COLE LOST. The injunction was to prevent Taylor from becoming the Superintendent. However, Taylor is now the Superintendent which renders this case pointless.

1/18/2022, GV23000011-00, Dawn Shelley vs Roy Searles: SHAMEFUL SHELLEY LOST. No evidence that supported anything by Shelley per the judge.

1/19/2023, CL22004639-00, Nicole Cole vs Virginia Department of Education: COLE LOST. The judge did not prevent Mark Taylor from continuing on as current Superintendent.

Here are more upcoming frivolous court cases that waste everyone’s money. Maybe that’s the point by the woke school board members and woke activists.

Round 2 – Jeffrey Glazer (Bernadette’s Husband) & Christina Ramos vs Spotsy School Board: Is this ever going to happen? At this point, they are just wasting money on an inevitable loss. We predict a WIN for the Spotsy School Board.

Round 2 – Makaila Keyes vs Conservative 4 Round 2: Is this ever going to happen? At this point, they are just wasting money on an inevitable loss. We predict a WIN for the Conservative 4.

Round 2 – Searles vs Lieberman Round 2: We predict a WIN for Searles if he chooses to sue for malicious prosecution.

Round 2 – Shelley vs Searles: We predict a WIN for Searles. Shelley appealed the decision of a restraining order. The judge did tell Shelley that she did not have evidence. The affidavit states that Shelley was not threatened.

Round 3 – Shelley vs Searles: We predict a WIN for Searles if he chooses to sue for malicious prosecution.

Fundraiser to Fight Shelley’s Frivolous Court Case

Leftist Spotsylvania County School board member Dawn Shelley has appealed the judge’s decision to dismiss her case on January 18th against Roy Searles. The judge was quick to point out that Shelley did not have evidence to support her allegations of threats or harm. Shelley’s own affidavit states that Searles did not threaten her. During court, there was discussions that the initial judge should have never signed off on the temporary restraining order because it lacked merit. The appeal is clearly frivolous. The hearing is scheduled for January 23.

Fundraiser Link for Searles vs Shelley

Dawn Shelley is weaponizing the legal system against Searles in order to infringe upon his first amendment rights and parental rights. Remember, the judge said Shelley had no evidence. A fundraiser has been setup to fight Shelley in court. Searles points out in his fundraiser that this case is much bigger than him. If Shelley is successful, then Shelly can go after any parent she disagrees with and file restraining orders against parents without evidence.

Nasty Nicole Loses Again in Court

Nicole Cole loses again in court. The Cole/Litchfield vs VBOE case was dismissed in Richmond Circuit Court. The purpose of this case was to remove Mark Taylor’s Superintendent license. Shelley, Cole, Daniels and all the woke leftists are on quite the losing streak. They have lost every frivolous court case. Shameful Shelley, Nasty Nicole and Lying Lorita are experts at wasting taxpayer dollars on frivolous endeavors. It is amusing watching people donate their money towards these frivolous lawsuits in various GoFundMe fundraisers –

1/19/23 Hearing in Richmond for Nicole Cole Lawsuit

There is a hearing on Thursday January 19 at 9am for the Nicole Cole / Aubrey Litchfield vs the Virginia Board of Education (VBOE) case. Cole is attempting to get the court to force VBOE to remove Spotsylvania County Superintendent Mark Taylor’s superintendent license. We find these frivolous lawsuits quite humorous. They are initiated or supported by the leftists on the school board. The end result is that they spend many thousands of dollars just to lose all of them –

The Rumble at Riverbend High School

Videos are circulating all over social media on the fights that broke out at Riverbend High School recently. These videos do not show any SROs present. Where are the SROs? Why are they not immediately there? Are the SROs not present because of petty politics?

Remember, the deal was that the SROs still remained at the schools even after the sheriff department removed them from school board meetings.

Why does the shameful one herself, Dawn Shelley, get on Fox 5 news to blame the conservative majority? Perhaps she is upset that she lost her frivolous court case earlier in the day. The school board has nothing to do with the fights at Riverbend. SROs are supposed to be at schools during the day.

Dawn Shelley Loses in Court Again

Roy Searles wins in court against Dawn Shelley. The judge denied the restraining order by Shameful Shelley. As mentioned earlier, Shameful Shelley aka Jezebel had a frivolous case for a restraining order against Searles. Shelley provided zero evidence in her affidavit and in court. Her attempt to weaponize the court system backfired. This is a win for the first amendment and parental rights. Celebration party at Gourmeltz right now !

Nicole Cole’s Nasty Email to the Board of Supervisors

School Board member Nicole Cole sent an email to every member of the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors complaining about the donations made by Ross and McLaughlin towards the Fight Jezebel Fund supporting Roy Searles legal bills. Shelley’s exaggerated claims of harassment and stalking are not rooted on evidence. As previously reported, the affidavit does not provide a single piece of evidence supporting Shelley’s accusations. Just like Shelley, Cole just likes to say things. Just like Shelley, words offend Cole.

We believe Nasty Nicole should be publicly reprimanded at every school board meeting for her harassment and treatment of the conservative members of the school board. Perhaps Nasty Nicole, Shameful Shelley, and Lying Lorita should be reprimanded monthly for their collective support of Cole’s Uvalde comments or attacks on private citizens. Examples are in the links below.

Look Who Donated

The Dawn Shelley vs Roy Searles court battle takes place at 10am on Wednesday January 18. Look at the list of donors to the Fight Jezebel legal fund to support Searles. Local leaders such as April Gillespie, Dave Ross, Phil Scott, Tim McLaughlin, and The Great Ignacio have donated to the fund.

Shelley’s antics are not just an attack on the first amendment. Shelley is attacking parental rights by weaponizing the court system to silence a parent with a frivolous restraining order based on no actual evidence. We believe local leaders recognize that Shameful Shelley (aka Jezebel) is harming the community with her antics and have donated to the cause.

Donations to The Fight Jezebel Fund

The Fight Jezebel Fund has almost reached its fundraising goal. The fund is still collecting donations at the link below. Why donate? Leftist school board member Dawn Shelley is weaponizing the legal system to setup a frivolous restraining order to take away a private citizen’s first amendment rights. There is no evidence of any “harm” or “threat” because none exists. A donation to this cause is a donation to upholding the first amendment rights of all citizens to air their grievances to a public official.