Opinions About Kalahari from Spotsy Citizens

The screenshots below are emails from Spotsylvania County citizens sent to Supervisor Kevin Marshall from July 2022 obtained via FOIA. The emails from citizens are generally unsupportive of the Kalahari project in this FOIA package. The emails from companies or entities outside of Spotsylvania County have generally been supportive in this FOIA package. We have blacked out email addresses and contact information for citizens. One of the emails mentions state senate candidate Matt Strickland.

The Marshall Plan

The Kalahari Resort in Spotsylvania County is located near Thornburg. The Board of Supervisors approved tax breaks and financial support for the resort. A new commercial development generally causes an increase in nearby property values. Some feel the county gave away too much to Kalahari so we got curious. Who will financially benefit? Whose property values will increase?

Spotsylvania County’s payment platform, Invoice Cloud, allows one to look up any property owner that pays real estate taxes in the county. This publicly available database is public information available to the public at no cost. We found an individual named “Emmitt B Marshall” and “Kevin Marshall” that own property just a few miles away from the planned resort in Thornburg.

What a coincidence! There is an “Emmitt B Marshall” that used to be on the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors. There is a “Kevin Marshall” that just happens to be on the current Board of Supervisors and also works for the Econonmic Development department here in Spotsylvania County. This is an amazing coincidence!!

Below are screenshots of the properties owned by these individuals from Invoice Cloud. We encourage our readers to verify this for themselves by going to the Invoice Cloud platform where one pays their real estate taxes online. We also encourage our readers to visit google maps to see for themselves the distances between Thornburg and the properties listed below.

  • 6409 Marye Road
  • 6411 Marye Road
  • 6415 Marye Road
  • 6409 Patriot Highway
  • 5001 Stanfield Road
  • 5019 Stanfield Road
  • 5101 Stanfield Road
  • 5319 Stanfield Road
  • 7305 Ivy Lane
  • 7309 Ivy Lane
  • 4901 Blaydes Corner Road

Per the screenshots below, the property at 6411 Marye Rd is 160 acres and the property at 4901 Blaydes Corner Road is over 96 acres. The property at 6409 Patriot Highway is in a prime real estate location at the intersection of Route 1, Mud Tavern Road and Morris Road. If these properties get rezoned and sold to a developer, we suspect the owners will make a nice profit. This took about 10 minutes to research. We are surprised no one has brought this issue up. What a weird coincidence that the names of a past and present Supervisor happens to match the name of the property owners. Weird, right??

The Nasty Nicole Standard

Spotsylvania County School board member Nicole Cole decided to involve herself in Superintendent candidate Mark Taylor’s family at the Friday September 16 school board meeting. Nicole Cole has a pattern of attacking the families of her political opponents to score political points. Let’s look at some of Cole’s past behavior.

If a parent disagrees with Cole, then she will come after their child from the dais or reveal private information about them. Nicole Cole has set a standard in local politics that family members are not off limits. Cole sets another standard that the behavior of a family member defines the character of an individual.

Let’s apply the Nasty Nicole Cole standard towards Cole. One of Cole’s family members made an inappropriate racist statement on social media earlier this year. Max Cole stated, “I hate white people”. Using Cole’s standard, it is fine to bring this up. Using the Nasty Nicole standard, this family member’s conduct accurately describes Cole’s character. Here is the video showing this family member using the Nasty Nicole standard of local politics.

Taylor Told the Truth

Media outlets have unfairly attacked the character of Spotsylvania County Superintendent candidate Mark Taylor. The media coverage has been biased with no attempt to research the positive effect that Mr. Taylor has had in the community. Over the past few weeks, we have communicated with Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor sent us the email below as an example of his character and what he is about.

To put this email into context, the Spotsylvania County school board was violating FOIA regularly in the mid-2000s. Two different county attorneys agreed with Mr. Taylor on this fact despite former Livingston District school board member Ray Lora stating otherwise. The bottom line is that Mr. Taylor told the truth. This was covered in an article in the Free Lance Star on Friday October 26, 2007.

Taylor uses this email to drive home the point that his focus is on the truth even if it is uncomfortable. He wants the truth of what is occurring in Spotsylvania County schools so that problems can be addressed head on. This is why we at the Spotsy Wire firmly believe he will make a great superintendent. Taylor is outside of the educational establishment. It is the very same educational establishment that cannot get out of its own way to address the real problems happening in the schools such as declining test scores, explicit books, implementing DEI initiatives that distract from education, etc.

VBOE Meeting on 9/15

The Virginia Board of Education (VBOE) meeting on September 15 has a consent agenda item approving a list of individuals for a superintendent license. This includes Spotsylvania County Superintendent candidate Mark Taylor. There are two other interesting names on the list. Deborah Frazier, the current Spotsylvania County supervisor, is on the list. Bernard Bragen, the superintendent from New Jersey that made national news back in September 2021 for kicking a casket, is on the list too.

The agenda states that the Superintendent of Public Instruction recommended the list. The Superintendent of Public Instruction is Jillian Barlow. She was appointed by Governor Youngkin. The meeting starts at 9am on September 15th. Below are screenshots of the agenda and superintendent’s list for approval.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

The screenshots below show the connections between different people in Spotsylvania County that have a far-left background. They all have been public in their opposition to Superintendent candidate Mark Taylor.

  • Former school board member Kassie Palmer thru her Parents Advocating Facebook page admitted to starting the SSPS PAC that advocates for far-left candidates
  • Extreme far-left state senate candidate Ben Litchfield posted on his campaign page that he is selling shirts that financially supports the SSPS PAC. The link to purchase shirts is on the ActBlue website which is the fundraising platform for the democratic party
  • Litchfield is pictured with current school board member Nicole Cole. Current school board member Dawn Shelley approves of the post

The association between Kassie Palmer, Ben Litchfield, Nicole Cole, Dawn Shelley and the Democratic party is there for all to see. For all the talk of having a nonpartisan school board, Shelley and Cole clearly are making things political and partisan with these associations.

The Superintendent License

According to 8VAC20-23-630 of the Virginia administrative code, there are four options to obtain a superintendent license. The Spotsylvania County school board has chosen the Option IV path for Superintendent candidate Mark Taylor. There is nothing in the administrative code that allows the Virginia Board of Education (VBOE) to introduce subjective criteria outside of the criteria set in 8VA20-23-630.

If the VBOE could introduce subjective criteria outside the confines of 8VA20-23-630 of the administrative code, it would make the process to hire a Superintendent more political. It will undermine the will of the Spotsylvania County voters that elected a conservative majority on the school board. We believe subjective criteria would set a precedent that would create bigger problems state-wide.

Let’s pretend for a minute that Loudoun County, Fairfax County, or another left leaning county wanted to hire a leftist superintendent candidate. Since there is a conservative majority on the VBOE right now with 5 Youngkin appointees, what would happen if VBOE did not allow a leftist candidate? We think our friends on the left would be in an uproar. We hope you see our point on why the VBOE decision cannot be subjective.

Mr. Taylor meets all the requirements of the Option IV path as outlined below. If VBOE could operate subjectively in this process, why bother having the administrative code to begin with?

  • “Earned a master’s degree or its equivalent from a regionally accredited college or university” – Yes, Mr. Taylor holds a law degree, so he has gone above and beyond a basic bachelor’s degree.
  • “A minimum of three years of successful, full-time experience in a senior leadership position, such as chief executive officer or senior military officer” – Yes, Mr. Taylor has been the county administrator for Spotsylvania County and Greene County for well over 3 years.
  • “Be recommended by a Virginia school board interested in employing the individual as superintendent.” – Yes, the Spotsylvania County school board voted the recommendation at the August 25, 2022 school board meeting.

Spotsy Schools Needs an Outside the Box Change

Since the 2016-2017 school year, SOL test scores have declined. Below are two screenshots of SOL test scores since 2016 on the Virginia Department of Education’s SOL webpage.

Why have SOL test scores declined? Who was in charge during this time? From 2016 thru 2021, the Spotsylvania County school division was controlled by a leftist school board that supported leftist Superintendent Baker. They pushed issues that distracted from education such as diversity, inclusion, equity, and closing schools. It did not help that the governor and general assembly were controlled by the left.

We have been told over and over that we are supposed to trust the decisions of the educators or those with PhDs and master’s degrees because they are the “experts”. Yet, these “experts” have failed because the test scores keep falling. It is the classic appeal to authority logical fallacy that the left keeps pushing. Rely upon credentials instead of logic and reason.

Spotsylvania County schools needs an outside the box superintendent to solve these problems. This is where Superintendent candidate Mark Taylor comes in. Taylor has strong experience in management as a county administrator, managing budgets, and allocating resources. Taylor will provide a more focused vision on education and place the right people in the right role. He will remove distractions that interfere or have no role in education such as DEI initiatives, wasteful spending, explicit books, etc.

Superintendents are far removed from the day-to-day teaching that occurs in the classroom. What is needed is someone that can set a vision for the school division that will not push a woke agenda. Those that argue that a Superintendent needs a strong educational background forget that test scores declined when we had the “experts” running things. It is time for a change that is outside the box.

Source: https://doe.virginia.gov/statistics_reports/sol-pass-rates/index.shtml

Recent Stories on Mark Taylor

Spotsylvania County Superintendent candidate Mark Taylor has received a lot of negative coverage in the mainstream local news media over the past few weeks. The news media seems hyper focused on interviewing the same 3 or 4 people that are part of a local fringe minority seeking to undermine Taylor. The Spotsy Wire has provided more fair and balanced coverage on Mark Taylor. Check out these news stories we covered recently on the Spotsy Wire on Mark Taylor.

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Bathroom & Locker Room Policy

Hanover County has modified their bathroom and locker room policy to account for students that identify as transgender or non-binary. Will Spotsylvania County Schools follow a similar policy? The rumor is that Spotsy Schools is looking at a similar policy that will be implemented by the end of the year. Below is the policy from Hanover County schools.

A student, along with their parent or guardian, must submit a written request to the principal of the school where the student attends. School administration will receive all relevant information, which may include:

  • a statement from the student that, among other things, specifies their gender identity and how they have consistently, persistently and insistently expressed that identity.
  • signed statements from the student’s personal physician, therapist or licensed counselor verifying that the student has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and/or that the student consistently and authentically expresses a binary gender identity.
  • statements from the student’s parent or guardian.
  • student disciplinary or criminal records.
  • information related to the privacy and safety of other students; and any other relevant information, including documents from other interested parties.