The Fight Jezebel Fund

As mentioned in the earlier Spotsy Wire article, Dawn Shelley has weaponed the legal system to take away the first amendment rights of a private citizen by placing a restraining order against Roy Searles. The restraining order is frivolous as there is no specific evidence of harm or threats. It is just a tool for Shelley to take away the first amendment rights of a private citizen.

To fight this tyranny, Searles is raising money to cover legal expenses. Searles won a court battle against Lieberman’s frivolous allegations a few months ago. To stop this frivolous legal battle and to go after those engaged in frivolous lawsuits, please consider donating to the Fight Jezebel Fund thru PayPal, Zelle, and Cash App. You can download all these apps to your phone or visit the websites below.


Zelle: 540-735-4994

Cash App: ras0176

We encourage speakers during public comment at the school board meeting on Monday 1/9 to please remind Shameful Shelley aka Jezebel that she can not infringe on a citizens first amendment right.

School Board Meeting on January 9

There is a regular meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on January 9. Screenshots of the agenda are below. We hope to learn answers to the following questions at this school board meeting.

  • Will Jezebel (aka Shameful Shelley) seek restraining orders against any public speaker?
  • Will Nasty Nicole or Lying Lorita be elected chair?
  • Will Biden solve the problems at the border ?
  • Will Dirty Uncle Rich cause a security breach when he passes gas?

School Security Breach

FOIA requests were made to obtain the video footage of the security breach at the Spotsylvania County School’s administrative building on December 12, 2022. It turns out that video request is exempt from FOIA. The reason is that the cameras capture video of the security breach occurring in the sensitive areas of the school administrative building.

By making the video FOIA exempt, it proves the existence of a serious security breach. The sensitive areas of the administrative building contain among other things student records, personnel records, etc.

It is apparent that Nicole Cole and Lorita Daniels have no regard for the sensitive areas of the school administrative building. It shows Cole and Daniels are willing to bypass security protocols to allow former failed school board candidate Rich Lieberman to enter sensitive areas. Given Uncle Rich’s past behavior on social media, it is cause for concern –

Nasty Nicole and Lying Lorita have a “rules for thee and not for me” attitude. We covered the security breach story in December –

Shelley The Tyrant

Spotsylvania County School Board Member Dawn Shelley has filed a preliminary protective order against a citizen named Roy Searles. The affidavit provides Shelley’s reasoning. However, Shelley’s allegations about harm or threats are unsupported by any documented evidence. Matter of fact, Shelley has not provided a single specific statement by Searles to support her allegations. Instead, Shelley makes a series of overgeneralized statements in an attempt to use the court system to suppress the first amendment rights of a private citizen to express themselves.

It is apparent that this entire affidavit is rooted on “feelings” instead of facts. Public officials receive emails from citizens. Citizens have the first amendment right to say whatever they want to say to public officials. Shelley disagreeing with an email does not give her the right to prevent Searles from speaking at school board meetings or bringing issues to her. Shelley has not provided one single piece of evidence in this affidavit that shows a physical “harm” or “threat” because it does not exist.

We find it hilarious that Shelley thinks that Searles runs the Spotsy Wire. We find it even more hilarious that Shelley uses Spotsy Wire articles as the basis for her allegations. Those articles actually point out Shelley’s poor behavior. It is apparent that Shelley wants to attack the first amendment right of freedom of the press too.

  • When Shelley decides to scream or bully school board members or private citizens, are we not allowed to cover that?
  • When Shelley makes a fool of herself during school board meetings, are we not allowed to point that out?
  • When Shelley as a public official decides to behave poorly, can we not ask others of their reaction to her behavior?
  • When Shelley behaves badly, are we not allowed to offer an opinion or mock her behavior?

Shelley attracts a lot of attention from her poor behavior in the community. Using the court system to suppress the rights provided by the first amendment is why Shelley is a tyrant.

WATCH: Stories we remember from 2022/Yelling at Spotsylvania School Board meetings, Part 1

Reflecting back on 2022, Nicole Cole had many moments of poor behavior. Here is a video clip of one of those moments. We feel the need to educate those propaganda news outlets with former FLS staffers that most of the chaos and yelling at school board meetings was directly caused by far-left extremist school board members Nasty Nicole, Shameful Shelley, and Lying Lorita. Nasty Nicole interrupts the speaker in this video clip.

Shameful Shelley Antics, Part 3

Here are more video clips of Dawn Shelley’s antics at school board meetings. All of these Shameful Shelley clips come from the December 15th school board meeting. Below are links to our previous Shameful Shelley Antics videos for reference.

Santa’s Naughty List

BREAKING NEWS: Santa just announced that Dawn Shelley, Nicole Cole, and Lorita Daniels have made Santa’s Naughty List. Shameful Shelley, Nasty Nicole, and Lying Lorita are on this list because of their uncivilized behavior at school board meetings in 2022. Some more names on the Naughty List include Ben Leatch Field (The Septic Field), Kellogg’s Kassie, Dirty Uncle Rich, Looney Lofaro, Principal Frazier, and Shake & Bake.

Kids Not Politics

Local politicians including a school board member, Board of Supervisors member, and a state senate candidate used special needs children as political props under the disguise of “spreading holiday cheer”. Who are they kidding? Politicians purposely create appearance events as photo opportunities to support their political campaigns. Shame on Deborah Frazier, Nicole Cole, and Ben Leachfield for using kids as political props !

Sources have claimed that this event was not approved by the school administration. There are at least two violations of school board policies. We strongly believe that the school staff that facilitated this event, including Principal Deborah Frazier and the Massaponax High School principal, should be terminated with cause.

  • Policy KK states “Periodically, board members may visit schools within the division. The purpose of these visits is to assist in fulfilling their responsibilities and increase understanding of actual educational practices.” Nicole Cole’s purpose was clearly a photo-op to support the campaigns of Litchfield and Frazier. None of them were increasing their understanding of education.
  • Policy BG-R states “School Board members should refrain from using the Board position for personal or partisan gain and avoid any conflict of interest or the appearance of impropriety.” Frazier and Litchfield are up for election. Cole is supporting them with her appearance. This event is a massive conflict of interest.

Don’t believe the antics from these politicians. This is a shame. Parents with special needs kids have many worries and concerns. They probably do not want their children used as pawns in a political campaign.

  • Did parents sign a permission slip for their child to appear in a senate candidate’s campaign page?
  • Did the school notify parents that politicians wanted a photo-op?
  • Did Deborah Frazier have permission to abdicate her school principal duties at Chancellor to be at Massaponax?

A former failed school board candidate once said, “Kids not politics”. Obviously, we can clearly see this event is political. The Spotsylvania County community should be on alert for these same people loitering around schools and the administration building. These dirty politicians are getting desperate. They are going after our vulnerable kids and using them as political pawns. The Spotsy Wire purposely blurred the faces of the students in the picture. Nasty Nicole, Supervisor Frazier, and Leeeachfield should be ashamed of themselves.

12/21 UPDATE: Leachfield removed the FB post. He proved our point. He knew what he did was wrong, got caught, and then deleted the post. If he thought it was right, then it would have stayed up. However, screenshots live forever!

Nicole Cole’s Privilege Card

Nicole Cole’s emails appeared over social media this past weekend. Below is a screenshot of one of the emails. Cole’s email partially references the security breach that occurred on December 12 at the school admin building. We cover the breach in our 12/13 article –

Nicole Cole demonstrates her “privilege” by making demands on Superintendent Mark Taylor, slamming Executive Communications Director Jon Russell, and pointing out that she is a “superior”. Cole continues to actively pursue a lawsuit against the VDOE to remove Taylor’s superintendent license. Nicole Cole’s privilege card provides these benefits.

This security breach is real. Cole admits in this email she escorted someone in the building. Apparently, this individual went thru sensitive areas of the building. Yet, Cole has the “privilege” to bypass security protocols?

Hasty Move by Stafford School Board Members

Apparently, the regional board of the Commonwealth Governor’s School (CGS) are forcing a move to base CGS in Stafford County. Stafford County is hastily trying to take over as the fiscal agent for the CGS with no plan of implementation. With no plan of implementation, Stafford County threatens the jobs of Spotsylvania County CGS staff. We understand that Spotsylvania County school board member April Gillespie is fighting against this move. Spotsy needs to step up and support Ms. Gillespie in this fight.

Failed School Board Candidate Breaches Security

A disgruntled former Spotsylvania County School board candidate held a political interview with school board members Nicole Cole and Lorita Daniels at the school board meeting room on December 12th. They spent time bashing the conservatives on the school board along with a discussion on the fabricated snack crisis in the schools. Since the school administrative building is closed, how did Lieberman (aka Uncle Rich) access the school board meeting room after hours to conduct his political interview?

Individuals in the school administrative building after hours without proper authorization raises security concerns. Anyone that enters the administrative building must sign-in at the front desk. However, the building was closed. At the beginning of Uncle Rich’s video, you can see that the lights were turned off at the front entrance of the school board meeting room. We believe that Uncle Rich had unauthorized assistance to enter sensitive areas of the building.

There are personnel records, student confidential records, personally identifiable information, and other sensitive records in the building. Is this not a breach of school security to enter sensitive areas of the building without following proper security protocols? It appears that Uncle Rich will go to any lengths to antagonize.

  • Should the lead school security officer have been notified?
  • Who allowed Uncle Rich access to the building and bypass security protocols?
  • How many others were in attendance that were not visible on Uncle Rich’s camera?
  • Did Uncle Rich roam thru the building unescorted?
  • Why was a political interview that made political statements conducted in a taxpayer funded school admin building?

Special Meeting on Thursday December 15

We have learned that there is a special meeting of the Spotsylvania County School Board on Thursday December 15. Below is the agenda. We hope to finally learn answers to the following questions.

  • Will Nasty Nicole move her schedule around so she can attend this special meeting?
  • Will Lying Lorita and Nasty Nicole do another Facebook Live video from the school board meeting room with Dirty Uncle Rich?
  • Will Dirty Uncle Rich continue to pretend there is a snack problem that only Nasty Nicole, Shameful Shelley, Lying Lorita, and Uncle Rich can resolve?

School Board Meeting on December 12

There is a regular meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on December 12. Screenshots of the agenda are below. We hope to learn answers to the following questions at this school board meeting.

  • Will Shameful Shelley announce harassment charges against Santa Claus?
  • Will Glazer, Ramos, and Makaila’s quest to drain the taxpayer with more lawsuits lead to a bigger snack crisis?
  • Will Nasty Nicole choose between no teacher pay or no snacks for kids because lawsuits are draining school funds?
  • Will Dirty Uncle Rich continue to pretend that there is a snack crisis the likes of which we have never seen before?

Summary of the Gourmeltz Situation

Matt Strickland provides a good summary of the Gourmeltz situation in the below video. The whole situation shows the tyranny of a bureaucratic government attempting to still enforce covid mandates. The problem with bureaucracy is that the bureaucracy cannot solve an easy problem with common sense. This entire situation proves the need for smaller government.

The incompetence of the Virginia ABC is on full display. The original basis for the suspension of the alcohol license was the suspension of the health department permit due to covid restrictions. The health department permit was reinstated so there was no longer any basis for the suspension of the alcohol license. Yet the Virginia ABC and the idiot judge upheld the alcohol license suspension. This is bureaucratic incompetence at its finest. This whole situation makes a strong case for smaller government.

Matt Strickland gave us permission to post this video on the Spotsy Wire YouTube and Rumble accounts. Just in case Facebook decides to censor or remove the original video on Mr. Strickland’s Facebook page, there are other avenues to view the video.