The Conservative Mandate in Spotsylvania

There is a small vocal group on the left railing against proposed Spotsylvania County Schools Superintendent Mark Taylor from receiving state approval for a superintendent license. This small group on the left is undermining the will of the Spotsylvania County voters.

The Spotsy Wire believes that citizens of Spotsylvania County have spoken at the ballot box. The voters trust the elected officials to bring common sense conservative values to the school board just like they did for state elections. Bold courageous steps need to occur in order to eliminate agendas that we believe have destroyed public schools.

Let’s look at the facts. Below are screenshots of the election results of the conservative majority on the Virginia Department of Elections website. The conservatives won by strong margins while the left members of the school board won by small margins. Given these results, we conclude that the conservative majority has a clear mandate to hire a more conservative Superintendent.

  • Conservative Rabih Abuismail won by 8 points over the incumbent in 2019
  • Conservative Kirk Twigg won by 15 points over his challenger in 2019
  • Conservative April Gillespie destroyed the incumbent by almost 30 points in 2021
  • Conservative Lisa Phelps won by almost 9 points over her challenger in 2021

Spotsylvania County is a conservative county. The school board members on the left won by very small margins. Here are the statistics from the Virginia Department of Elections website.

  • Lorita Daniels won her seat with only 43% of the vote against 2 other candidates in 2019
  • Dawn Shelley won her seat by just 419 votes in 2019
  • Nicole Cole won her seat by just 242 votes in 2021

The Left’s Fake Outrage on Taylor

Across the country, the main tactic of the far-left is to place labels on people that disagree with their far-left positions. The far-left labels people racist, xenophobic, bigoted, or transphobic when they make their arguments. Leftists eventually become irrational by weaponizing these labels on people as a form of intimidation.

This is why we find it amusing to watch the fake outrage from the left on Spotsylvania County Schools conservative Superintendent-to-be Mark Taylor’s alleged social media posts. The left makes exaggerated claims that Taylor is bigoted or racist. However, the left’s claim is not true especially when you weigh the posts against the actual words of Nicole Cole and Rich Lieberman in their social media posts.

Spotsylvania County school board member Nicole Cole and former school board candidate Rich Lieberman have made actual statements that were bigoted, racist, and misogynistic on social media. They wrote their words in public forum for all to see. By contrast, most of Taylor’s alleged posts are reshares from other sources so they were not his actual words.

When Taylor did comment on an alleged meme or alleged shared post, he clearly used satire to drive his point across. If you did nothing wrong, there is no reason to hide, apologize, or delete your posts. Taylor has kept his Facebook page public. By contrast, Nicole Cole deleted her racist post on Facebook. Lieberman went on an apology tour in an August 24, 2021 free-lance star puff piece only because his misogynistic social media posts finally came to light.

To prevent a double standard, lets weigh all these social media posts against each other. The links below show the actual social media posts from Lieberman and Cole. We have also included some quotes from Cole and Liberman’s social media posts. Where was the outrage against Lieberman and Cole from the left or the Free Lance Star? Why the fake outrage against Taylor? Why is the far-left so afraid of Mark Taylor?

Rich Lieberman’s Posts –

Nicole Cole’s Post –

  • Cole stated the Uvalde situation was about “children of color at the hands of white nationalists”.
  • Cole stated “people of color even with all of these……have yet to fight back with this same violence against white people”.
  • Lieberman stated – “I am always taking applications for side chic”
  • Lieberman stated – “all women should be buck neeked, barefoot in the kitchen….”

Another Ian Prior Piece, CRT in schools

Ian Prior has another excellent opinion piece on Fox News about CRT in public schools from June 20, 2022. He talks about how teachers receive training on CRT. Below is the link to the article.

Ian Prior has led the fight in Loudoun County against wokeness in the schools. He is an advisor for America First Legal and the Executive Director of

One Step Away from being Superintendent

The Spotsylvania County school board voted 4-3 to send a letter to the Virginia Board of Education requesting that conservative Mark Taylor be added to the list of eligible superintendents in Virginia. The letter serves as one more step in the process to eventually having Taylor become the new superintendent of Spotsylvania County schools.

Twigg, Gillespie, Phelps, and Abuismail voted in favor of Taylor. The leftist members of the school board, Cole, Daniels, and Shelley, voted against the motion. Once the Virginia Board of Education approves Taylor, he will be the new Superintendent of Spotsylvania County Schools. Below are links to our previous articles on Mark Taylor and video of the vote taken at the 8.25.2022 school board meeting.

Shameful Shelley Films Searles

Spotsylvania County school board member Dawn Shelley was caught filming a private citizen, Roy Searles, from the dais at the August 19th school board special meeting. Searles asked Interim Superintendent Guempel a question. Shelley then proceeds to badger Searles while filming him. The behavior by a sitting school board member on the dais against a private citizen is bizarre. Below is a transcript of the exchange and the video.

SEARLES: Is she threatening you Mr. Guempel?
GUEMPEL: No…..(inaudible)….
SHELLEY: Where would you get that idea, Mr. Searles? Where would you get that idea? You are the one who is threatening me Mr. Searles.
SEARLES: How did I threaten you?
SHELLEY: Oh, let’s see all your little posts about my car….(inaudible)…playing the YMCA song….

Shameful Shelley provides many moments of bizarre behavior at school board meetings. This moment leads us to ask the following questions.

  • Why was Shelley filming Searles?
  • Is Shelley obsessed with Searles?
  • Does Shelley keep a private collection of Searles videos at home for her enjoyment?

Special Meeting August 25

There is a special meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on August 25th at 4pm. Screenshots of the agenda are below. Here are the two main topics on the agenda.

  • Licensure of the Division Superintendent
  • Compensation for the Interim Superintendent

It looks like we are in the final stretch for the selection of a new Superintendent. We hope this special meeting will provide answers to the following questions.

  • Will Shameful Shelley leave her teaching job early to attend this special meeting?
  • Will the woke administrative swamp continue to drain itself?
  • Will Nasty Nicole and Shameful Shelley threaten Mr. Searles again?
  • Will there be white smoke coming from the chimney?

Ian Prior Combating Wokeness Piece

Ian Prior has an excellent piece on Fox News about parents combating wokeness in public schools. Prior talks about three tools that parents can use. Below is the link to the article.

Ian Prior has led the fight in Loudoun County against wokeness in the schools. He is an advisor for America First Legal and the Executive Director of

Did Shameful Shelley Leak Closed Session Info?

Spotsylvania County school board member Dawn Shelley attended the VDOE board meeting on Wednesday August 17th. Shelley, who is employed by Stafford County schools for her day job, took time off from work to engage in partisan political activity to remove Mark Taylor from the list of eligible Superintendents in Virginia. Mark Taylor is supposedly the lead candidate for Superintendent in Spotsylvania County schools. A number of Shelley supporters attended the VDOE board meeting to hammer Taylor.

This cannot be coincidence. Discussions on specific Superintendent candidates have occurred only in closed session at this point. Specific names were not announced to the public. Is it possible that Shameful Shelley leaked Taylor’s name to her supporters well in advance so that they show up to the VDOE board meeting? We suspect it’s possible. Afterall, Shelley did state at the June 13 school board meeting that she will continue to let everyone know about internal communications that she feels is important. We made a prediction that she would leak Superintendent information in an earlier article:

We wrote emails to the Stafford County school board and administration asking for comment about Shameful Shelley taking a day off teaching students to engage in partisan political activities. At this time, we have not heard back from anyone at Stafford County Schools. We find it odd that a person that claims the school board should be non-partisan engages in partisan political behavior with a Superintendent candidate.

UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POST: The name Mark Taylor was mentioned in a FB video by Dirty Uncle Rich about 5 weeks ago. The name has in fact been out there for at least that time. Dirty Uncle has a strong association with Shameful Shelley. That is why we suspect that the name was leaked well in advance.

The New Executive Communications Position

Interim Superintendent Kelley Guempel discussed the need for hiring a Manager of Executive Communications at the Friday August 19 school board special meeting. This position would among other things highlight the positive work by students and teachers. Guempel wanted to create this position because he sees the school division’s communication department as understaffed. Below is the video clip.

The Outside the Box Superintendent

According to news reports and social media pages, Spotsylvania County schools is leaning towards hiring Mark Taylor as the new superintendent. Taylor is a former Spotsylvania County administrator and attorney with a business background. If this is true, Taylor is a brilliant outside the box selection for Superintendent.

A Superintendent, like a Chief Executive officer, must have a strong business acumen in order to effectively manage resources and priorities. Knowing how to place the right people in the right role is an important part of providing strategic, operational, political, and financial leadership of an organization. These are business skills. The leader of the organization does not need to get into the weeds of specific day to day items. That is left for others to handle.

Those that argue that an educational background is necessary to lead a school division make a serious error in logic. It is the classic appeal to authority logical fallacy. A person that has a “credential” like a PhD must be trusted at all costs because they are the “experts”. We must bypass logic and reason in favor of the “expert status” that supposedly comes with a credential.

Look no further than the previous Spotsylvania County Schools Superintendent. Baker was a political hack that did very little to solve the problems in the school division. Test scores progressively got worse during his tenure. The school division became more politicized as Baker allowed the administration to promote political candidates as we covered in previous Spotsy Wire articles. Wokeness grew into the school division instead of the singular focus on education. No one was held accountable internally with the money lost from the turf fields scandal. There was resistance to financial audits. The list goes on and on. Yet, we are supposed to trust this “expert” because of his “educational credential”?

If Taylor is the person that ultimately becomes the Superintendent, this is a great pick. Taylor is a conservative with a business background that we predict would remove the wokeness from the school division and provide better leadership than the previous Superintendent. The lack of a business background was one of many reasons why the previous Superintendent failed during his tenure.

Daniels Rant at the 8/8 Meeting

Here is our response to the board member comments by Lorita Daniels. The purpose of the school division is not to promote inclusiveness or equity. The purpose of the school division to provide you the tools to get a job. Nothing more, nothing less. Equity is divisive concept. Inclusiveness has evolved to nothing more than virtue signaling and pandering.

108 Staff Vacancies

Twigg announced prior to closed session that there are 108 staff positions that need to be filled. By comparison, WTOP reported that Prince William County has 318 positions that needed to be filled in their Sunday August 7th article. WTOP also reported that Montgomery County has 246 teacher openings in their August 8th article.

Special Meeting August 3

There is a special meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on Wednesday August 3rd. Screenshots of the agenda are below. There are two main topics on the agenda; a closed session to discuss personnel matters and the Superintendent’s report on employee vacancies. Hopefully, this meeting produces answers to the following questions.

  • Will the new Superintendent finally be announced?
  • Will Uncle Rich be back from vacation?
  • Will Makaila spend more money on another frivolous lawsuit for everyone’s amusement?

Guempel Getting the Job Done, Part 1

The conservative majority on the school board along with interim Superintendent Kelly Guempel are getting the job done with regards to hiring staff for the upcoming school year in the Spotsylvania County school division. The number of openings was much higher 1 to 2 months ago. Guempel provided updated staffing statistics at the July 26th special meeting. Below is the video and a summary of those stats.

  • Every class in every school is covered right now
  • 127 staff openings remain right now. Last year at this time there was 67 openings but that does not include the additional 60 positions that came with the new budget
  • 79 classified openings right now. Last year at this time there was 30 openings but that does not include the additional 45 positions that came with the new budget
  • 300,000 teachers left the profession across the nation so there is a national teacher shortage
  • Virginia is number 8 in the nation in teacher shortages

Despite this good news, many on the far left portray this news as the sky is falling without any context. Virginia is number 8 in the nation in teacher shortages. There was over a 10 percent reduction in education majors compared to 4 years ago. The teacher shortage problem is not unique to Spotsylvania County.

Towards the end of the school board meeting, it appeared that school board member Dawn Shelley was cleaning her nails and not fully paying attention to the stats Guempel provided. Does Shameful Shelley not care about the staff hiring success? Does Shameful Shelley have a political agenda? Why doesn’t Shameful Shelley compliment Guempel instead of complaining about the start time of the meeting?

Special Meeting July 26th

There is a special meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on July 26th. Screenshots of the agenda are below. The main topic on the agenda is a closed session to discuss personnel matters. Could this be the school board meeting where they announce the new superintendent? More importantly, the world awaits answers to the following questions.

  • Will they play the song “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang as Twigg, Gillespie, Phelps, and Abuismail walk towards the dais to start the meeting?
  • Will Twigg have to place Shameful Shelley and Nasty Nicole in time-out?
  • Will there finally be white smoke coming from the chimney?