Searles vs The Gray Haired Monster

The Roy Searles vs Tamara Quick case starts on Monday October 23. Searles sent us this email after the Albermarle prosecutor attempted to get Searles to do a plea agreement. We think this is another frivolous case by the woke left and Searles will be found not guilty. Below is the email exchanges and a picture of The Gray-Haired Monster that initiated this frivolous case.

The Trojan Horse named Megan Jackson

Here are a series of pictures that provide more proof that Spotsylvania County school board candidate Megan Jackson is no moderate and is in fact on the woke left. Jackson is a Trojan horse. Why? Jackson has to pretend to be a moderate in order to have any chance in the ultra-conservative Livingston District.

Megan Jackson signage appears in the tent for the Spotsylvania Democrats at early voting. Why would the Spotsy Democrats allow her signage at their tent? Megan Jackson obviously shares the same values as the woke left.

In another picture, Megan Jackson associates with far-left school board member Lorita Daniels. Daniels believes in the far-left concept of equity. Equity is the lie that if we simply redistribute financial resources, justice will be done. Equity, which is different from equality, is the idea that no matter what bad decisions you make, any statistical disparity in say test scores must be the result of discrimination so the system must be restructured.

The final picture shows Megan Jackson associating with far-left extremists Nicole Cole and Dawn Shelley. Both Shelley and Cole both believe that the government does a much better job parenting your children than you the parent. Shelley and Cole believe explicit books teach skills for the workforce and have educational value.

Birds of a feather flock together. We believe that it’s all very clear now. Marxist Megan Jackson believes in the lies of equity, does not believe in parents’ rights, and wants to indoctrinate children with explicit books. The Livingston District can do better than the trojan horse known as Marxist Megan Jackson.

Roger “Hamas” Harris

Spotsylvania County Sheriff Roger Harris participated in the BLM protests in Spotsylvania County back in 2020. There are many pictures of Roger taking a knee with BLM. BLM, the Marxist organization with woke views of society, supports the antisemitic Hamas terrorist organization. Hamas just murdered thousands of women, children, and infants in Israel and bragged about doing so on social media. Roger stood with BLM in 2020. BLM supported Hamas in 2020. BLM supported Hamas again last week. Roger supports an organization that supports Hamas. Screenshots are below. Take a moment and let this all-sink in.

Roger’s record of poor judgement extends beyond supporting the Marxist BLM organization. Roger makes a poor decision to remove deputies from the conservative led school board meetings because he claimed poor behavior. There was a lot of poor behavior by the woke school board members led by Dawn Shelley and Baron Braswell from 2016 thru 2020 but Harris did not remove the deputies. He has no problem looking the other away when the Wokeys are misbehaving.

Everyone should remember the famous BLM chants during the 2020 summer of love such as the “Pigs in blanket fry them like bacon” chant or the ACAB chant (all cops are bastards). Roger sides with the cancerous sentiment that law enforcement should be defunded or go away. Roger you are an embarrassment to the rule of law.

Uncle Rich Calls a Candidate a Predator

Uncle Rich called a candidate for school board a predator on his 10/10/23 social media post. We got to thinking. Who is really the predator? Is it the candidate that was accused of something that never made it to court due to lack of credible evidence that wouldn’t stand up to the scrutiny of cross examination?

  • Or is it the failed school board candidate from the Lee’s Hill District that admitted in a Free Lance Star article in August 2021 that he made misogynistic social media posts?
  • Or is it the failed school board candidate from the Lee’s Hill District that recruited young women for his bikini calendars?
  • Or is it the failed school board candidate from the Lee’s Hill District that posted a picture with a young lady with the caption “Don’t tell your father”?
  • Or is it the failed school board candidate from the Lee’s Hill District that posted these creepy social media posts –

23 Explicit Books Removed

Spotsylvania County Schools announced that they removed 23 sexually explicit books from school libraries. The press release notes that 70% of parents in a recent school survey expressed that they did not want children to have access to explicit books. That makes sense. Explicit books do not serve any educational purpose. Explicit books do not teach any skills to prepare for the workforce. Taxpayer money is no longer wasted storing, maintaining, or purchasing explicit books.

We suspect Wokeys such as Marxist Megan Jackson, Shameful Shelley, Nasty Nicole, Radical Rodas, Lying Lorita, and Crackpot Carol will spin this issue as a book ban. However, those of us with a functioning prefrontal cortex will see no ban taking place because one can still purchase these books from vendors or go to a local public library. The Wokeys would like you to think there is ban instead of thinking about how explicit books serve an educational purpose or teach skills.

Strickland Slams Roger Harris & Marxist Megan Jackson

Here is a post by Matt Strickland on incumbent Sheriff candidate Roger Harris and school board candidate Megan Jackson. Harris endorsed Megan Jackson so it’s clear they have a close association and share the same California values. Steve Maxwell is clearly the only conservative in the race for Sheriff.

Maxwell on NBC

Look at these screenshots highlighting Spotsylvania County Sheriff candidate Steve Maxwell on NBC. Maybe just maybe Maxwell will ensure that there is an SRO in every school 100 percent of the time to keep Spotsylvania County students safe. We do not always agree with NBC but we are glad they were promoting Maxwell to the entire Northern Virginia and Washington metro area!

School Board Meeting on October 9

There is a regular meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on October 9. Here are screenshots of the agenda. The major action item concerns the Spotsylvania High School stage lighting project. This is the last school board meeting before the election, so we expect some fireworks. We hope to learn answers to the following questions at this meeting.

  • Will Marxist Megan Jackson claim stolen parental valor for bringing SROs to schools?
  • Will Shameful Shelley turn into Jezebel during the school board meeting?
  • Will Crackpot Carol explain why her NEA wanted to change “mother” to “birthing parent”.
  • Can Lying Lorita explain how explicit books teach skills for the real world?
  • Will Radical Rodas show her true California values?
  • Will Shameful Shelley send more emails to the Spotsy Wire and Adele at the Free Lance Star?

SRO Needs and Megan’s Stolen Parental Valor

Look at this email chain between School Board Chair Lisa Phelps and the progressive activist known as Ms. Ashtin. Ms. Ashtin is supposedly concerned about safety in Spotsylvania County schools. Although the Board of Supervisors provided funding for all schools to have SROs, the reality is that there is not an SRO inside every school 100 percent of the time.

Here is a little history. Years ago, Lisa Phelps led the effort and actually voted to get SROs inside the school division. School board candidate Marxist Megan Jackson engages in stolen parental valor in her campaign by claiming she got the SROs in schools. Remember, Marxist Megan has never been on the school board, so she never voted for SROs in the schools. If the Sherrif wants to play this charade with Marxist Megan, then you might as well vote for Steve Maxwell.

Safety is such a huge concern for the progressive activist known as Ms. Ashtin that it is apparently ok to share private information on a student with Dirty Uncle Rich. Dirty Uncle Rich, the failed school board candidate from the Lee’s Hill District who tries to remain relevant, is the same one that helped this progressive activist known as Ms. Ashtin get in and out of a bathtub after back surgery.

Its 40 Feet !

According to VA Code 24.2-604, it is illegal for anyone to campaign within 40 feet of a polling location. There is a 40-foot yellow line in the parking lot of the Spotsylvania County early voting location showing the distance. There are pictures that show Board of Supervisor candidate Michael Bush, incumbent school board candidate Lorita Daniels, and commonwealth attorney candidate Ryan Mehaffey with a body part within or on the 40-foot line. This is a clear violation of the law.

What Happened to Jordan Lynch

Here is the passionate fiery speech from Jordan Lynch in 2021 at a Spotsylvania County school board meeting. This is the Jordan Lynch we like to see. What happened to this version of Jordan Lynch? Why is Jordan associating with RINOs like Childress, Durant, and Mehaffey? Why does he associate with Marxist Megan Jackson and Uncle Rich? Why did you change Jordan?

Shameful Shelley Violates Policy Again

Back in 2019, Spotsylvania County School board member Dawn Shelley led the effort to pass policy BG-R to prevent school board members from directly speaking to school staff. This policy was aimed at censoring conservatives on the school board. Shelley, by her own admission in the email exchange below, violated the BG-R policy that she led to create by speaking to 75 school staffers. Stunning right?

Shameful Shelley is well known for breaking the code of ethics at every school board meeting.

Mehaffey Justice for All Donor

Spotsylvania County Commonwealth’s Attorney candidate Ryan Mehaffey, the Republican Party nominee, received a $1000 donation from a group called Justice for All. According to VPAP, Justice for All donated $46,000 to democrat candidates including soft on crime commonwealth’s attorney Buta Biberaj from Loudoun County.

We find it interesting that Mehaffey is associated with an organization that supports far-left extremists such as a Buta Biberaj. Conservatives and people like Buta Biberaj are on different ends of the ideological spectrum. We find it interesting that Mehaffey has not returned the donation. We believe we found another RINO in Spotsylvania County.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together Megan Jackson

Megan Jackson, known for her profanity and condescending attitude, associates with fellow Wokeys Dawn Shelley and Nicole Cole. This picture alone shows Jackson is no moderate. Any republican that associates with any of these woke individuals is not a true conservative.

Nasty Nicole Cole –

Shameful Dawn Shelley –

Moronically Mendacious Mob

Political Season is no longer “in season”, it has gone into full overdrive. With that comes a bevy of stories from the radical left, even those who self-identify as conservatives. “Look at my voting record everybody”, yet their actions are the only thing you need to look at or the lack there of. Don’t we all love the lefty claim that politics shouldn’t be in our schools. However, they hold zoom meetings across multiple counties and meet in musty libraries to coordinate their messages for the next schoolboard and board of supervisors’ meetings. It sounds eerily the same every year, “IF YOU DON’T FULLY FUND THE BUDGET, YOU HATE KIDS”. Spotsywire thinks them highly educated folks don’t have a 101 class in dem fancy universities for 7 ways to be a highly effective communicator or how to win over a crowd with sane, calm, and rational thought. Baba Yaga is out there, and she WANTS TO DESTROY EVERYTHING WE BUILT. Good lord, get a grip. Maybe they are incapable of it. Mommy and Daddy didn’t say ‘no’ enough to them as kids or they were legitimately victimized in some form along the way. Never got the help they needed we suppose.

Everybody who runs for office is guess what? That’s right, a politician. Remember if you are a lefty activist, the first thing you do is point out the endorsements and nominations of the conservatives and ignore the fact where endorsements and nominations have come from the democrat party. These people are so disingenuous.  We will quote Malcolm X, “The White liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the Black man.” We think in today’s environment that statement needs a rewrite. “The White liberal is the worst enemy to America.” He warns of the White Liberal who strives for power. Why have the schoolboard meetings gone off the rails over the last two years, the lack of power. Dawn, Nicole, Rich, Kassie, Bill, Megan, and the whole cast of characters tell the politicians how much they hate kids at budget season. Well, they just don’t like change. They had it easy under the previous administration. They could ignore parents’ plea to nip bullying, improve food services, return to in-person learning, and them books. Look at how well Dawn and Lorita played in the sandbox when they had the majority compared to now. Nicole jumps into the Battlefield seat with her visceral and disgusting antics, by the way endorsed by the Spotsy Democrat party, guess they endorse this kind of behavior. Nothing to see here.

But to say that it is just the liberal who has brought our country to today would be a flat-out inaccurate statement. Malcolm X also mentions the “White conservative” who jockey for power as does that untrustworthy white liberal. If Malcolm was here today, we think he would readily use the term RINO, republican in name only. The RINO, you know the types like Bobby, Bob, Lynn, Bryce, Christy and Chris, that good ole conservative in it for themselves. They act the way they do, all high and mighty, to make themselves look good. They love to put down anyone who doesn’t think like them because it is a threat to their perceived power. They will send people out to do their dirty work for them. Bob and Lynn will just steal your stuff outright whenever they feel like, while the sheriff looks the other way. That “power” Malcolm X mentioned justifies their actions. Sometimes they’ll use their elected position by sending out letters on their official letterhead to persuade and intimidate folks. We won’t even get into how the legislation some politicians pass lines their own pockets. Citizens can just chalk it up as some really REALLY good luck bestowed upon them, wink wink.  Check them legislator’s voting records and personal holdings. Nothing to see here.

What a wonderful time to be alive. When the radical liberal and RINO work together we have serious problems to contend with. It accelerates the downfall of our country. Record inflation, schools on a steady decline for the last 20 to 30 years. Social media platforms to provide you with all the endorphins you could possibly want or need when likeminded people validate you with a blue thumbs up. Be careful what you vote for Spotsy. Some change is good or tolerable, and some change screws everyone over.