Crackabouski Supports Nasty Nicole

Spotsylvania County Supervisor Chris Yakabouski supported school board member Nicole Cole’s appointment to a committee at the April 12 Board of Supervisors meeting. Yakabouski claims to be a conservative but did not support the appointment of a conservative to this committee. Instead, he supports a far-left politician in Nicole Cole. Below is the video.

Cole recently posted a racist rant on her Facebook page about the Uvalde shooting that she has since deleted. In her post, Nasty Nicole favors gun control, attacks Republicans, and gets into identity politics. Yet Crackabouski supports an individual with these leftist political positions. It is clear that Crackabouski is a leftist democrat with his support of Cole.

Yakabouski is Playing Politics with Schools

At the February 22 Board of Supervisors meeting, Battlefield District Supervisor Chris Yakabouski introduced the motion to set the real estate tax rate at $0.7377 to ensure level funding. Frazier introduced a substitute motion to have a higher tax rate. Yakabouski voted against the higher tax rate.

Why do we mention this? Yakabouski is on a path to making the school board members look bad. We predict that Yakabouski is going to blame the school board when he votes to not give the Superintendent’s 8 plus million-dollar budget gap to the schools. Why do we think this way? Yakabouski talks about helping schools. Yet, Yakabouski introduced and voted for the lower tax rate so that he has no wiggle room to say he helped the schools. So, he has to blame someone.