Roger “Hamas” Harris

Spotsylvania County Sheriff Roger Harris participated in the BLM protests in Spotsylvania County back in 2020. There are many pictures of Roger taking a knee with BLM. BLM, the Marxist organization with woke views of society, supports the antisemitic Hamas terrorist organization. Hamas just murdered thousands of women, children, and infants in Israel and bragged about doing so on social media. Roger stood with BLM in 2020. BLM supported Hamas in 2020. BLM supported Hamas again last week. Roger supports an organization that supports Hamas. Screenshots are below. Take a moment and let this all-sink in.

Roger’s record of poor judgement extends beyond supporting the Marxist BLM organization. Roger makes a poor decision to remove deputies from the conservative led school board meetings because he claimed poor behavior. There was a lot of poor behavior by the woke school board members led by Dawn Shelley and Baron Braswell from 2016 thru 2020 but Harris did not remove the deputies. He has no problem looking the other away when the Wokeys are misbehaving.

Everyone should remember the famous BLM chants during the 2020 summer of love such as the “Pigs in blanket fry them like bacon” chant or the ACAB chant (all cops are bastards). Roger sides with the cancerous sentiment that law enforcement should be defunded or go away. Roger you are an embarrassment to the rule of law.

Strickland Slams Roger Harris & Marxist Megan Jackson

Here is a post by Matt Strickland on incumbent Sheriff candidate Roger Harris and school board candidate Megan Jackson. Harris endorsed Megan Jackson so it’s clear they have a close association and share the same California values. Steve Maxwell is clearly the only conservative in the race for Sheriff.