Grampp’s Complex CRT resolution

At the July 12 school board meeting, Spotsylvania County School Board member Erin Grampp introduced a resolution against critical race theory (CRT).  The resolution really did not condemn critical race theory as it proposed to keep the school division’s mission as equitable.

Critical race theory (CRT) is not a theory but a belief that all systems, laws, and institutions incorporate racism.  Proponents of critical race theory believe all disparate outcomes amongst different races can be explained thru CRT instead of focusing on individual decision making.  To fix things, proponents believe everyone must focus on equity.  Equity means that each racial group receives the same outcome as every other racial group.  It’s an equal outcome mindset instead of equal opportunity mindset. 

Equity is a big part of critical race theory.  Its firmly ingrained in the school system.  A quick google search shows numerous references to equity on school division webpages. It took 7 minutes for Grampp to read this complex and long-winded resolution. If the resolution was truly against critical race theory, Grampp needed to propose eliminating equity from the school division’s mission for students. This is another example of Grampp proposing something that is wordy, complex, and does not actually solve the problem

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