Shamgar Connors on Fox News

Shamgar Connors’s story made Fox News. He is a frequent commenter on the Spotsy Wire facebook page. Below is a link to the news story on Fox News.

Here are previous articles that we wrote.

January 18 Public Comments, Part 4

There was a lot of poor behavior by audience members at the January 18 school board meeting. Here is the video clip when an individual in the audience was thrown out of the school board meeting by Chair Twigg. This individual wore a red shirt supporting the SEA and Lieberman’s rally. This goes against the narrative that all the “educators” and their supporters were well behaved. We appreciate the anonymous individual that sent us this video.

Mandates, Part 1

The mandates issue comes down to an argument on positive rights vs negative rights. A negative right is one where you do not impose any obligation on other individuals. It is about liberty. A positive right is one that imposes an obligation on others to provide you with a perceived benefit thru the use of force. Force is the key element of positive rights otherwise it would not be a positive right.

An individual has agency over themselves. An individual is in the best position to make their own self-defense decisions that do not impose on others. There are vaccines, therapeutics, etc. that one can choose to use to combat covid.

The problem with mandates is that it imposes one’s perceived right onto another person thru force while limiting the liberty of the other person. The positive right does nothing to protect the natural rights or negative rights of all individuals. This approach is immoral and unethical. If one is able to impose positive rights onto others, where does it stop? Laws for burglary or murder are different because they preserve the natural rights and negative rights of all individuals. Those that favor mandates make a serious error in logic.

Why do we need a mask mandate? We have been told that the masks work. At the beginning of the pandemic, we were told not to wear a mask. Then we were told to wear cloth masks. Now we are told that cloth masks do not work and we should wear k95 masks. We have gone almost 2 years with a cloth mask mandate. What changed in the data to say cloth masks did not work? If there is no specific data to support the cloth mask mandate, this leads to mistrust with public policy that says they are following “The Science”.

Why do we have to impose a vaccine mandate? We have been told that getting the vaccine protects us. Therefore, the unvaccinated do not pose any threat to the vaccinated. If the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated, then you are implying the vaccine does not work. That is a serious error in logic and undermines the message of getting the vaccine. We would be far better off if we let people make their own personal choices instead of worrying about what is best for others.

What about the immunocompromised? The real question is what were the immunocompromised doing before covid? Does covid all of a sudden provide a green light to limit the liberty of others? If one is immunocompromised, then one would naturally take steps to protect oneself such as limiting interaction with others. Where does the control of others stop?

Cole and Shelley Ethics Violations

Spotsylvania County school board members Nicole Cole and Dawn Shelley stood in front of a “Recall Twigg” political sign at a January 18 rally. The front page of the Free-Lance Star on January 20 showed this picture. Twigg is the current school board chair. Both Shelley and Cole are using their position on the board to engage in partisan politics by advocating for the recall of another elected official.

This is a clear violation of item 9 of school board policy BBC-R. Item 9 says “I will refrain from using the board position for personal or PARTISAN gain and avoid any conflict of interest…….”. Shelley and Cole are creating division in the community thru their ethics violations. Given the past misbehavior by Cole and Shelley, it is not coincidence that they stand next to a “Recall Twigg” sign.

January 18 Public Comments, Part 3

At the January 18 school board meeting, an adult confronted former school board candidate Rich Lieberman about allegedly taking pictures of a minor. The school board video feed captured part of this confrontation.

Mr. Lieberman has made misogynistic, sexist, and degrading statements towards women on social media in the past. This is cause for concern, so we looked into this further. We found moments during public comment at the school board meeting where Lieberman appears to glance or stare at the backside of the female speakers. In the video clip below, we show these moments. All the video clips come from public comments during a school board public meeting. The video is public information available publicly on the school board website.

For those not familiar with Mr. Lieberman’s past behavior, we include links to past Spotsy Wire articles. Lieberman has admitted to posting misogynistic statements on social media including in a Free-Lance star article. We find it interesting that the Spotsylvania Educational Association (SEA) formed an alliance with Lieberman for the rally at the January 18 school board meeting. Why would SEA want to form an alliance with an individual that holds these degrading views?

January 18 Public Comments, Part 2

At the January 18 school board meeting, there was a group of educators in the audience that wore red shirts. The behavior of some of these educators was appalling. The school board camera did not capture this behavior because the camera faced the dais. The microphone did not pick up most of the audience chatter. Isaiah was in the audience and saw these events.

  • The following were spotted in the audience – Wilderness Elementary principal Holmes, Ni River principal Bartoszek, Lee’s Hill Elementary principal Lewter, Freedom Middle principal Wright, Riverbend teacher and former SEA president Bergeron.
  • Some “educators” heckled a student that spoke during public comment. Most of this was not captured on the school board stream.
  • The lady that spoke about finding a middle ground on books at past school board meetings told an “educator” that heckling children was not appropriate. This was not captured on the audio of the school board stream.
  • Chair Twigg directed a member of the audience to leave after he yelled profanity and obscenities directed at School Board Member Gillespie. During past school board meetings, deputies would have aggressively approached the individual. However, the deputies did not do that in this situation which seems unusual. This was not captured on camera.
  • Former school board candidate Rich Lieberman took pictures or video of the audience many times. Lieberman may have caught Isaiah on video.
  • A mother confronted Lieberman about taking pictures of her daughter. A deputy stepped in between to separate them. Part of this was caught on the school board camera.
  • Former Spotsylvania Educational Association (SEA) President and Riverbend teacher Jeanne Bergeron yelled at this grandmother and made a series of rude comments. None of this was captured on the school board stream.
  • An individual in the audience yelled “nitwit” towards the dais.
  • Lieberman was making hand gestures or sign language towards Cole or Shelley on the dais. What was that about? None of this was captured by the school board stream.

This misbehavior from “educators” is concerning. Are these really the people that are educating our children? If this is how they behave in public, how do they behave in front of our children when parents are not around? Why do these “educators” still have jobs?

SEA and the “educators” perform this bullying behavior in public setting. Yet they scoff at parents whenever an issue occurs because they are the “experts”. Basically, SEA and Lieberman wants compliance and silence.

January 18 Public Comments, Part 1

Those that supported the teacher’s rally at the January 18 school board meeting complained that moving new business items before public comment was censorship. However, there was no censorship. Public comment was never taken out of the agenda. No board member advocated this. All that occurred was a reordering of agenda items days in advance.

Yes, BDDC-R provides a format for an agenda. BDDE-R policy item B provides the means to modify the agenda by the majority. Regardless of the agenda advertised ahead of the meeting, school board members must still vote to approve the agenda.

The agenda followed at the January 18th school board meeting was always going to be the final agenda regardless of the process of getting there. The advertised agenda can follow the BDDC-R format and modified at the school board meeting by majority vote. The drawback is less advanced notice to the public.

A better solution is to advertise any agenda not following the BDDC-R policy in advance to provide better notice to the public. There is precedent for this. Special Meetings or emergency meetings do not always follow the BDDC-R format. The upcoming January 25th meeting does not follow the BDDC-R format. Plus BDDC-R does not say “every meeting shall operate under this format”. Our conclusion is that too much is being made on this issue.

Nicole Cole’s Awkward Response

Spotsylvania County School Board member Nicole Cole had an awkward response to an email from Ms. April Latham. Ms. Latham had some suggestions on changing public comment at school board meetings. We encourage you to read her email below and comment on this post.

Instead of responding to Ms. Latham’s concerns, Mrs. Cole addresses Mr. Twigg to blast fellow school board member April Gillespie and forwards that email to Ms. Latham. This is the email exchange that Mr. Latham referenced during public comment at the January 18 school board meeting.

Why did Cole not directly address Ms. Latham’s email? Was forwarding the email to score political points? Is the name “April” a trigger word for Ms. Cole?

COVID-19 Policy Thoughts

The media focuses on covid-19 cases. Why doesn’t anyone focus on the death rate? Death rate is far more important in developing policy. There is no stopping covid-19. There needs to be a realization that we are all going to have to live with this and move on with our lives. Otherwise, when does this all stop? We have a lot more to say about this in the coming days.

Shelley The Destroyer, Part 2

Dawn Shelley’s behavior was a destructive force at the January 10 school board meeting. Here is another video clip of Shelley engaging in mental abuse. It occurs minutes after Twigg and Shelley change seats in the first hour of the meeting.

Listen to what Dawn Shelley says and how she says it. Shelley attacks Twigg’s character when she states, “and you have been on this board for how long and haven’t held a leadership position”. We are convinced that Shelley’s purpose in this meeting was to create chaos. Yet, none of the news media are willing to point out Shelley’s bullying behavior in the early moments of the meeting.

Shelley The Destroyer, Part 1

School board member Dawn Shelley destroyed the decorum at the January 10 school board meeting. Here is a clip of Shelley’s obnoxious behavior that set the tone for the rest of the night. This happens mere minutes after Twigg takes over as Chair.

Listen to Shelley’s tone of voice and rhetoric. Shelley attempts to reassume the role of chair when she interrupts Abuismail. Then she attacks Twigg’s character by saying “he needs to know what he is doing”. Shelley is deliberately creating chaos. Yet, none of the news media highlight Shelley’s behavior. As a teacher, we thought Shelley would have better rhetorical skills.

Investigating Spotsylvania Schools

The new state attorney general announced an investigation into the Loudoun County school division’s handling of sexual assault cases. We think that the new state attorney general should also investigate how sexual assault cases were handled in Spotsylvania County Schools.

In 2015, there was a sexual assault incident at Spotsylvania High School’s football team that drew extensively media attention. We heard from sources that the former assistant principal at Spotsylvania High School handled this situation poorly. Yet, he received a promotion into the administrative office. We think this promotion is worthy of an investigation. Below are links to the news articles on the assault.

We have seen documentation that suggest other incidents in Spotsylvania County schools are worthy of investigation. We are aware of a Title IX investigation at Riverbend High School. We are also aware an alleged incident involved a male coach entering a girls locker room at the wrong time at Massaponax High School. It appears there were attempts to sweep things under the rug. We may expand on this in a future post.

School Board Meeting, January 18

There is a Spotsylvania County school board meeting on Tuesday January 18. Screenshots of the agenda are below.

* In light of the governor’s executive order, what will be discussed under new business regarding masking and vaccines?

* Other items under new business include the RFP for the food service contract, school board member cellphones, and removal of the BG-R policy

* Will our superheros (Dirty Uncle Rich, Kellogg’s Kassie, Looney Lafaro, The Napster, Will Bill) continue living in a glass case of emotion?

Baker’s Separation Agreement is an Illegal Contract

There was a separation agreement approved at the December school board meeting for former Superintendent Scott Baker. A separation agreement is a contract. This contract was approved during the lame duck period at the end of 2021 without the required 30-days’ notice to enter into contract changes. Therein lies the problem.

22.1-60 of the Virginia code subsection C and D states that no contracts can be negotiated during the lame duck session and without 30 days’ notice. Therefore, the separation agreement, which is a contract, is illegal.

Former Chair Dawn Shelley led a 4-3 vote along with Daniels, Braswell, and Grampp in approving this illegal contract. Baker supporters will argue that he has grounds to sue the school division because a separation agreement was in place. However, this separation agreement is a contract that cannot be enforced because its illegal per VA Code 22.1-60.

School Board Meeting, January 14

There is a Spotsylvania County emergency school board meeting on Friday January 14 at the school board office. Screenshots of the agenda are below. We understand this meeting is primarily about appointing an interim superintendent.

Per Virginia code 22.1-60, the school division has 180 days to appoint a Superintendent but makes no distinction if the position is permanent or interim. We assume that Carol Flenard continues in the role of “superintendent designee” as she is the highest-ranking member on the executive team.