Ian Prior Visits Spotsylvania County

Big News on Cinco de Mayo in Spotsylvania County. Conservative activist Ian Prior visits Gourmeltz on the morning of Friday May 5. He has a new book out called “Parents of the World United”. Mr Prior has written many articles for Fox News and has appeared on many of their programs. He has fought the woke agenda in Loudoun County and has been active on education issues. Stop by Gourmeltz on Friday morning for this special event !

Searles Legal Fund

Roy Searles is raising money for his legal fund in order to fight the frivolous Tamara Quick criminal charge on assault. To donate to his legal fund, scan in the QR code in this picture. Wokeys like to weaponize the court system with frivolous cases against conservatives. Here are our earlier articles on this issue.



Summary of 4/10 School Board Meeting

Here is a summary of the April 10, 2023 school board meeting. The big win for parents and students is the removal of paycheck deductions for the Spotsylvania Education Association (SEA). The SEA is a partisan and political union that is a member of the VEA and NEA. They hold controversial positions on critical race theory, social emotional learning and typically support far left politicians. Removing payroll deductions is another step in removing the politics in education.

The Gray Haired Monster’s False Accusation

The Gray-Haired Monster, Tamara Quick, misbehaved at a school board meeting. We believe she purposely bumped into Roy Searles as he was walking past her in the school board meeting room. Now, Tamara is playing the victim and claiming assault. As you can see, there was no crowd reaction over this “assault”. In our earlier video, Tamara Quicksand looked threatening as she was antagonizing Searles earlier in the meeting.

School Board Meeting on April 10

There is a regular meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on April 10. Here are screenshots of the agenda. We hope to learn answers to the following questions at this meeting.

  • Will the Scream Team of Shameful Shelley and Babbling Blalock finally reveal their secret about running for school board and supervisor again?
  • Will Crackpot Carol summon her NEA minions to pack the school board meeting with pro-union indoctrinators?
  • Will pro-diabetes activist Uncle Rich have the snack crisis finally resolved within the current obesity crisis?

Kids Not Politics with the Unions

The Spotsylvania County School board will vote on removing automatic payroll deductions for union dues at the April 10 school board meeting by revising policy DLB-R2. This is a great win for students and parents because it removes political partisan unions from education. The Spotsylvania Education Association is the local union that is affiliated with the Virginia Education Association (VEA) and the National Education Association (NEA).

In Virginia, individual school districts can allow unions to have collective bargaining. Removing automatic payroll deductions is a step in the right direction to remove partisan political influence of unions in education. Unions are obviously upset by this. The VEA president wrote an article on their website called “What’s the Spotsylvania School Board so Afraid Of?”. Well, we will answer that question directly.

The problem with public sector unions that hold collective bargaining powers is that they bargain against the taxpayer. Union dues are spent to elect pro-union politicians. Those same pro-union politicians negotiate with the same union for taxpayer dollars which in turn pays the union. This corrupt circular cycle continues on and on and on.

The other problem is that SEA is associated with the radical leftist NEA organization. The NEA is the same organization that proposed a resolution to change “mother” to “birthing parent” at their meeting last summer. Redefining words is both Orwellian and comical. The NEA thru the VEA and SEA spend their influence on indoctrination instead of education.

Friday’s Frivolous Court Cases

There are two frivolous court cases on the docket this morning against Roy Searles. At 8:30am, the arraignment for the Tamara Quick allegation of assault and battery case occurs. At 10:30am, the trial for the allegation of a criminal stalking charge against Dawn Shelley filed by a deputy occurs.

Both cases lack merit. Quicksand’s case falls apart like quicksand. We believe she deliberately impeded and bumped into Searles at a school board meeting and then played the victim. The Dawn Shelley case filed by a deputy is just an off shoot of the previous civil cases Shelley lost about a restraining order.

Both cases weaponize the court system to silence conservative voices. We expect Searles to win these cases easily. We expect Searles to file civil suits against these wokeys.

Superintendent’s Message about the Budget

Superintendent Mark Taylor released the following message shortly after 4pm on April 5th. https://www.spotsylvania.k12.va.us/page/superintendent-sidebar

Dear SCPS community members,

As the local school division, we are presenting our cause to the county citizens and taxpayers concerning our urgent need for $19 million in new local money for FY ‘24. This needed money will fund the first year of a three-year plan to improve our compliance and compensation problems and address other urgent needs. We cannot succeed without this money. Our success or failure is in the hands of the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors.

Our School Division leadership has changed in the past year. There is a new majority on the school board and a new superintendent. We inherited a mess. We inherited lost or hidden positions. We inherited staff working without job descriptions. We inherited staff in one department being paid out of the budget of another. We inherited habitual budgeting for basic needs (like electricity and healthcare) millions of dollars below their actual cost. We inherited poor performance in special education compliance. We inherited years of efforts to maintain appearances at all costs. This is reality.

In 2019, we spent $1.2 million on a beautiful blue football field and scored in the low 40s on special education compliance. The mantra of the past was “Keep the surface beautiful; don’t look too deeply into the substance.” If this seems harsh, consider that when the prior superintendent was ousted, several key staff leaders quit and left no records behind. They hid their actions. They covered their tracks. That was our inheritance.

The new school board and the new superintendent are determined to face the facts and fix the problems. We are making changes. The maintenance department’s reorganization is getting rave reviews. Sexually explicit materials that cannot be access-controlled are being removed. Procurement practices are being reconsidered and improved. We are moving forward.

The big lie is that we don’t know what we are doing. The big truth is that some fight the changes because life was easier when we kept up appearances and avoided hard truths. We must improve special education and other compliance issues, but we cannot do this without additional funding. We must keep the lights on, but we cannot do this without additional funding. We must increase pay and maintain benefits in order to maintain and recruit needed staff, but we cannot do this without additional funding. We must fix the internal problems we inherited and improve for the future, but we cannot do this without additional funding.

We know that funding our $19 million will be hard. However, this is the sad truth. Our school division needs are real. Our need is cut to the bone. Our need is not inflated. We asked respectfully for $21.84 million. We told the Board of Supervisors that we could move forward with new local funding of $19 million.

County leaders arranged the county’s proposed budget to blame any tax increase on the school division. The county’s projected revenue increases were used to meet other needs first, leaving the schools for last. This has been Spotsylvania County’s destructive habit. The county budgeted all of the new county revenue increase for itself and left the schools for last.

It is not for the school division to say where the money must come from. That is a decision for the Board of Supervisors. The county could cut other spending. The county could raise taxes to generate additional revenue.

Spotsylvania County Public Schools needs $19 million in new local money for FY 2024.
If you want this need to be met, your county supervisor needs to know. Now is the time to reach out. The Board of Supervisors meets tomorrow at 6 p.m. and may make decisions on these issues at the meeting. Message them all at: BOS@Spotsylvania.va.us

Thank you.
Mark B. Taylor
SCPS Superintendent

Crybaby Shelley

Here are two emails that school board member Dawn Shelley sent to Superintendent Mark Taylor back in February 2023. Note that Shelley cc’s fellow school board members Nicole Cole and Lorita Daniels. Shelley is openly hostile to the Superintendent. Let’s address some of the points in Shelley’s emails.

  • Shameful Shelley refers to an anonymous Facebook page. Who can she be referring to? It can’t be the Spotsy Wire since we are more than a Facebook page. Our website gets more traffic than our Facebook page.
  • Whatever anonymous page Shameful Shelley is referring to, can you blame Mark Taylor? Shelley voted against Taylor being the Superintendent. She fought every step of the way to prevent Taylor from being the Superintendent. Why would Taylor waste any time with the Shameful one ?
  • Can Shelley explain why she continues to forward emails to the Free Lance Star and Adele? If Shelley can forward emails to Adele, then Taylor can forward items to this so called “anonymous” page.

Yak’s Double Talk

How many times will Yakabouski mention schools and taxes tonight at the Board of Supervisor’s Budget meeting? Will he continue to talk out of both sides of his mouth? Here are some of Yakabouski’s recent social media posts. Politicians do not just randomly post something unless they are trying to make themselves look good or about to blame someone else for a problem.

  • In one facebook post, Yakabouski shares a post on a large tax increase in Stafford County. Is Yakabouski in favor of a large tax increase?
  • In another facebook post, Yakabouski states that he wants “to get back to providing the best opportunities for kids”? This was in response to public speakers not wanting budget cuts at a recent public hearing. This is an example of Yakabouski’s political double talk. You cannot simultaneously keep taxes low while funding everything one could possibly imagine.
  • In yet another facebook post, Yakabouski wants another budget work session with the schools. Superintendent Mark Taylor gave a very detailed and long presentation a few weeks ago. What more is there to say? This is just another opportunity for political grandstanding by Yakabouski.

Apparently, Yakabouski says that he wants to support schools but is looking for a scapegoat on why they cant be funded.

Yakabouski & School Funding

Spotsylvania County Supervisor Chris Yakabouski has a history of making speeches advocating for more school funding. Here is a video from April 13, 2021 showing his support for school funding. It appears Yakabouski would not object to a tax increase to increase school funding. This would result in no school budget cuts.

Explicit Books Removed

Spotsylvania County Schools will remove 14 sexually explicit books from all school libraries. This is a big win for parental rights and the students of Spotsylvania County. Here are screenshots of the press release. This is also getting a lot of media attention.

It is clear that many librarians and supposed “educators” are not capable of performing their basic job function of protecting children by screening the books before entering the library. Yet, some “educators” argue censorship in their defense of explicit books in the school library. That is the core problem. The litmus test on a keeping a book in the school library is whether it provides educational value in the classroom. Explicit books provide no educational value.

Parents are the ultimate decision-making authority on appropriate books for their child. Since parents are not present at public school libraries during the day, parents cannot be central in the decision-making on what their child sees. Woke educators take advantage of this. Explicit books are better in a public library or purchased from a book vendor. Why? The parent is central to the decision on the book purchase. The parent is central to the decision on what their child can view in a public library. The parent can not do that at a school.