Daniels Rant at the 8/8 Meeting

Here is our response to the board member comments by Lorita Daniels. The purpose of the school division is not to promote inclusiveness or equity. The purpose of the school division to provide you the tools to get a job. Nothing more, nothing less. Equity is divisive concept. Inclusiveness has evolved to nothing more than virtue signaling and pandering.

108 Staff Vacancies

Twigg announced prior to closed session that there are 108 staff positions that need to be filled. By comparison, WTOP reported that Prince William County has 318 positions that needed to be filled in their Sunday August 7th article. WTOP also reported that Montgomery County has 246 teacher openings in their August 8th article.

Special Meeting August 3

There is a special meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on Wednesday August 3rd. Screenshots of the agenda are below. There are two main topics on the agenda; a closed session to discuss personnel matters and the Superintendent’s report on employee vacancies. Hopefully, this meeting produces answers to the following questions.

  • Will the new Superintendent finally be announced?
  • Will Uncle Rich be back from vacation?
  • Will Makaila spend more money on another frivolous lawsuit for everyone’s amusement?

Guempel Getting the Job Done, Part 1

The conservative majority on the school board along with interim Superintendent Kelly Guempel are getting the job done with regards to hiring staff for the upcoming school year in the Spotsylvania County school division. The number of openings was much higher 1 to 2 months ago. Guempel provided updated staffing statistics at the July 26th special meeting. Below is the video and a summary of those stats.

  • Every class in every school is covered right now
  • 127 staff openings remain right now. Last year at this time there was 67 openings but that does not include the additional 60 positions that came with the new budget
  • 79 classified openings right now. Last year at this time there was 30 openings but that does not include the additional 45 positions that came with the new budget
  • 300,000 teachers left the profession across the nation so there is a national teacher shortage
  • Virginia is number 8 in the nation in teacher shortages

Despite this good news, many on the far left portray this news as the sky is falling without any context. Virginia is number 8 in the nation in teacher shortages. There was over a 10 percent reduction in education majors compared to 4 years ago. The teacher shortage problem is not unique to Spotsylvania County.

Towards the end of the school board meeting, it appeared that school board member Dawn Shelley was cleaning her nails and not fully paying attention to the stats Guempel provided. Does Shameful Shelley not care about the staff hiring success? Does Shameful Shelley have a political agenda? Why doesn’t Shameful Shelley compliment Guempel instead of complaining about the start time of the meeting?

Special Meeting July 26th

There is a special meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on July 26th. Screenshots of the agenda are below. The main topic on the agenda is a closed session to discuss personnel matters. Could this be the school board meeting where they announce the new superintendent? More importantly, the world awaits answers to the following questions.

  • Will they play the song “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang as Twigg, Gillespie, Phelps, and Abuismail walk towards the dais to start the meeting?
  • Will Twigg have to place Shameful Shelley and Nasty Nicole in time-out?
  • Will there finally be white smoke coming from the chimney?

The SEA Problem in Spotsy

The Spotsylvania Education Association (SEA) is a teacher’s “union” that promotes partisan left issues. Below are screenshots of the SEA Facebook page. The first screenshot shows SEA members attending the National Education Association (NEA) convention in Chicago. The second screenshot shows SEA promoting labor unions.

SEA is associated with the radical leftist NEA organization. The NEA is the same organization that proposed a resolution to change “mother” to “birthing parent”. Redefining words is both Orwellian and comical. SEA members include many teachers in the Spotsylvania County school division. Is it any wonder why parents in Spotsylvania County are concerned about indoctrination instead of education?

SEA is a union that does not have collective bargaining powers. Hopefully it stays that way. The problem with public sector unions that hold collective bargaining powers is that they bargain against the taxpayer. Union dues are spent to elect pro-union politicians. Those same pro-union politicians negotiate with the same union for taxpayer dollars which in turn pays the union. This corrupt circular cycle continues on and on and on.

Makaila’s Frivolous Meritless Lawsuit

Makaila Keyes lost her frivolous lawsuit against the conservative fantastic four on the Spotsylvania County school board. In March 2022, we wrote a series of articles covering this frivolous and meritless lawsuit. Those on the left thought Keyes would win and use this as a basis to recall school board members. However, anyone on a middle school debate team could have ripped apart the arguments presented by Keyes and the Edwards Law firm. Below are the articles we wrote back in March showing the weakness of their case and how this lawsuit was a waste of time, money, and resources.




In open court, it was revealed that Shameful Shelley, Lying Lorita, and Nasty Nicole entered the closed session on January 10, 2022 as we reported earlier. All three of them were very public prior to court that this did not occur. However, open court revealed that they lied to the public. We found it odd that the plaintiff, Makaila Keyes, was not in the courtroom today to explain how her rights were violated. This implies that the case was very weak.

It appears that this was all a political stunt to overturn the results of the November election that resulted in the conservatives winning the majority on the school board. In the first month of the conservative majority, leftists including Shelley and Cole participated in recall efforts to remove some of the conservatives. There is a picture showing this on the front page of the Free Lance Star. Link is below.


If Jatras is the Superintendent…

Earlier today, we reported on the tweet from Jim Jatras potentially being a candidate for Superintendent of Spotsylvania County schools. If Jatras is a candidate for superintendent, is this really a surprise? Let’s look at the situation.

  • He has extensive political experience as a former diplomat and foreign policy advisor
  • He has spoken at many school board meetings in support of the conservative majority
  • He has extensive ties to the movers and shakers in Washington DC

The conservative members of the school board were elected with a mandate to change the public school division. Given the ideological divide between the conservatives and the leftists on the school board, we can see this being a 4-3 vote assuming Jatras is the guy. Jatras is a firebrand conservative. He is the outside the box candidate that Spotsylvania County schools need. Managing the policy structure of tens of thousands of children in a school division is probably easier than managing the policy structure of hundreds of millions of people.

We predict a Jatras administration would send shockwaves throughout the county and accomplish the following in very short order in the school division.

  • Remove EQUITY from the mission statement and replace it with EQUAL OPPORTUNITY
  • Remove all explicit books from the library of each school
  • Remove all woke agendas and identity politics
  • Support teachers by giving them the tools to help children excel in the workplace
  • Focus the school division on the basics – reading, writing, history, science, and math
  • Remove the school division’s association with SEA, VSBA, and other woke organizations

Special Meeting July 20th

There is a special meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on July 20th. Screenshots of the agenda are below. Here are some topics on the agenda.

  • Closed session to discuss personnel matters
  • Second reading of the student code of conduct
  • Upgrading a part time hourly position to a full-time position with the Regional Adult Education program

Perhaps, just perhaps, this special meeting will provide the world with answers to the following questions.

  • Will the school board shock the world and name Uncle Rich the new superintendent?
  • Will Shameful Shelley let us know if she has enough cargo space in her new car, the 2022 Nissan Kicks?
  • Will there be white smoke coming from the chimney?

If you have watched the school board meetings or followed the Wire over the past year, you will understand the references.

Uncle Rich & Looney Lofaro’s Frivolous Allegation

At the July 11th school board meeting, two public speakers made a frivolous accusation against school board member Lisa Phelps. This accusation was from 2 years ago and is brought up every few months or so by Dirty Uncle Rich or Looney Lofaro. Both these individuals claim that they have a video that backs up the accusation that she said something inappropriate. However, we have seen the video and it proves nothing. Phelp’s voice is not heard in any part of the video. She is clearly not visible in the video we have seen. Since this keeps coming up every few months, we wanted to set the record straight by showing a video clip of Phelps rebutting the frivolous accusation from the November 2020 school board meeting.

Regular Meeting on July 11

There is a regular meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on July 11. Screenshots of the agenda are below. Here are some topics of interest on the agenda.

  • contract approval on a chancellor high school softball field lighting project
  • contract approval on a ground’s maintenance contract
  • budget amendment to reduce the Capital Improvement Plan projects list
  • bond issuance resolution
  • first reading of the student code of conduct.

We look forward to the always entertaining public comments section. We hope the following questions will be answered at the upcoming regular meeting.

  • How many times will Nasty Nicole interrupt Phelps while she is speaking?
  • How many times will Shameful Shelley do something shameful?
  • How many times will Lying Lorita ask “what are we voting on” after the motion was clearly stated?
  • Will Dante bring his inferno to the meeting?

We can turn the first three questions into a drinking game. If you have watched the school board meetings or followed the Wire over the past year, you will understand the references.

Letter to the Editor, Roy Searles

Below are screenshots of a letter to the editor by Roy Searles that was originally sent to the Free Lance Star. The Free Lance Star choose not to publish the editorial. However, we will post it along with the Free Lance Star response. See the screenshots below. Our rebuttal to the Free Lance Star response is as follows

“We are committed to publishing pieces from a wide variety of viewpoints, and we especially value those letters from people who disagree with the way our paper reports on and opines about local issues.”

The majority of editorials negatively hammer the conservative four on the school board. We are still looking for evidence of any editorial that is in favor of any of the conservatives.

“The Free Lance-Star has indeed reported on Cole’s Facebook posts”

We do not see any articles that print the entirety of Cole’s post with full context and full analysis. In order to properly report something, you have to show the evidence and cite specific examples. What the Free Lance star has done is water down the significance of the Cole post, the Lieberman posts, etc by providing overgeneralized statements without specific quotes.

“A prize is not a gift.”

Colloquially, the Free Lance Star is correct. However, if you look at the definition of a “gift” under the law, the Free Lance Star is incorrect. The law defines a gift as anything of value. Within the scope of that definition, a prize is a gift. We covered this extensively in an earlier Spotsy Wire article. More importantly, the Free Lance Star does not show they have performed any research in looking at the law when they make the claim a prize is a gift.