Hypocrisy of FLS, Adele, and ABC 7

The Free Lance Star and ABC 7 News implied that misconduct occurred when the conservatives on the school board attended an education conference sponsored by Middle Resolution PAC. These media organizations claimed it was an ethics violation to attend a conference associated with a political organization.

If this is the standard that the Free Lance Star, Adele Uphaus, and ABC 7 use, then certainly the same standard applies to leftist school board members Dawn Shelley, Nicole Cole, and Lorita Daniels. All three have promoted and associated with the Virginia School Board Association. The recent Free Lance Star article mentioned that Shelley and Cole wanted to attend a VSBA event paid with taxpayer dollars but were denied by Twigg.

The VSBA is a political and partisan organization as mentioned in our May 16 article. Below are screenshots of the lobbying efforts performed by the VSBA on the Virginia Public Access Project website. Lobbying is a political activity for a partisan effort. Dawn Shelley stated at a recent school board meeting that she wanted to pay VSBA for the superintendent search with taxpayer dollars. Dawn Shelley has been using VSBA events paid for by taxpayer dollars to get professional learning credits for her teacher certs.

The hypocrisy is self-evident. The Free Lance Star, Adele Uphaus, and ABC 7 news are all hypocrites. They do not want to mention that VSBA is political and partisan. They do not want to hold the same standard. They do not want to mention that taxpayer money went to a political and partisan organization. We wonder how many payments were made to VSBA when the left controlled the school board in the past five years. To see our earlier article on why VSBA is a partisan political organization, go here – https://spotsywire.com/2022/05/16/the-adele-hit-peice-from-may-16/

The Adele Hit Piece from May 16

The Virginia School Board Association (VSBA) spends time advocating for many far-left positions. VSBA maintains a legislative priorities document for their lobbying efforts in the state legislature. VSBA members even went after parents protesting in Loudoun County. VSBA continues to be a long-time affiliate of the National School Board Association (NSBA) which is the same organization that has pushed CRT in education, equity instead of equality of opportunity, etc.

Adele Uphaus from the Free Lance Star wrote an article implying misconduct by three of the conservatives on the school board. Adele suggests that the educational conference is political, so it is an ethics violation. Adele also mentions that school board members Dawn Shelley and Nicole Cole were denied the opportunity to attend VSBA events.

The article by Adele is nothing more than a hypocritical hit piece that lacks some basic context and basic research. The VSBA is clearly a political organization otherwise they wouldn’t spend so much time lobbying. Spotsylvania County schools has had a close association with VSBA for years. Spotsy schools has used tax payer dollars to pay membership dues to VSBA.

It’s amusing watching the reaction online. Many commenters on the left suggest that the conservatives attending the educational conference is corruption or a waste of taxpayer dollars. Yet, the left makes no mention about how Spotsy Schools has spent a lot of taxpayer dollars over many years to the political VSBA organization. This waste was condoned by the left block on the school board in years past.

Nasty Nicole’s Feud with Citizens, Part 1

At the May 9 school board meeting, Spotsylvania County school board member Nicole Cole made a motion to censor a citizen for expressing their views during public comment. During Cole’s motion, she brings up her family members and the son of April Gillespie.

Cole has routinely attacked citizens first amendment rights during public comment by attempting to censor speakers. Below is the video of Cole’s motion.

:05 – Cole states she received a letter from a person named “Ron Cole”, the father of Nicole Cole’s son. Cole voluntarily discloses her son’s father in public forum.

:16 – Cole accuses a citizen, Roy Searles, of making disparaging racially motivated comments about her son. Look at what Cole does here. She twists the facts to play the victim card. There was a video of Cole’s son making racial statements on an Instagram post that was publicly available back in January. We saw the video. We have the video.

:26- Cole states that this issue with her son should not be made on public record and that a student’s name should not be shared. The problem with Cole’s argument is that the Instagram post of Cole’s son making a racial comment was publicly available. Racial comments, whether it’s in jest or seriously made, by a family member of a sitting school board member is in fact a story.

:30 – Cole does not get to declare privacy on a public video or when she talks about her family publicly. That is not how the internet works. Student’s names are regularly published in the Free Lance star in the high school sports section and at school board meetings.

:48 – Cole claims that Searles made multiple infractions over a number of meetings. Cole’s word soup is on full display here. She follows up saying that Searles used profanity at students yet does not actually provide evidence.

1:20 – Cole requests that Gillespie recuse herself from the vote on the motion to censor Searles. Cole brings up Gillespie’s son and Searles daughter claiming they are dating. Cole’s hypocrisy is amazing. Cole does not want her son mentioned in public forum yet mentions a personal allegation with the children of Searles and Gillespie?

Lynn and Bryce

Here is a video of Lynn Smith going after republican candidate April Gillespie during early voting in October 2021. Smith is an avid supporter of Bryce Reeves and rips up Republican sample ballots in front of Gillespie’s table.

Why do we mention this? Smith walks within 40 feet of a polling location with what appears to be a firearm on her hip. Look at minute 7:05 and minute 8:05 in the video. This is illegal in the state of Virginia. Smith is closely associated with Bryce Reeves. Here is a video from early voting in October 2021.

Nicole Cole’s Propaganda

Nicole Cole continues to spew out propaganda during board member comments at the 5/9 school board meeting. The push for this student committee is political no matter how Cole tries to reframe the issue. The students lack the life experience to make major decisions on school matters. When you can pay your own rent, pay bills, remove the idealism, and be self-sufficient, then maybe the students should have a bigger voice. Cole attacks the reading of the explicit book excerpts. Cole deflects to avoid the consequences of actually facing the issue. Explicit books have no place in schools.

Policy GBCB & Teacher Behavior

Spotsylvania County school’s GBCB policy addresses employee behavior including teacher conduct. The final sentence in the GBCB policy addresses employee’s conduct outside the job. Given Drane’s behavior at school board meetings, why hasn’t the school division engaged in disciplinary action? Her behavior reduces the trust that exists between the school division and the community.



Clogged Drane’s Behavior

The video clip below speaks for itself. The activist teacher from Battlefield Middle School, Ms Heather Drane, displayed poor behavior at a recent school board meeting. Yet, the school administration has not disciplined this teacher for her behavior. Is this the behavior she shows in front of her students? If a student behaved this way, what would happen? #DraneTheSwamp

About that Student Town Hall…

There was a student town hall at Courtland High School scheduled on March 9 with school board members Lorita Daniels and Nicole Cole. Although it was cancelled, it is clear that Cole and Daniels planned on indoctrinating kids with their political stances. The town hall was advertised for students only. The questions needed to be submitted in advance. Daniels and Cole wanted to clearly control the narrative.

This speaks to the bigger problem of the student advisory committee or students on the dais making motions at school board meetings. Cole, Daniels, and Shelley are pushing for children to shape public policy about things they do not have the life experience to understand. These politicians are taking advantage of the inexperienced youth to further their political ambitions.

When the students speak at school board meetings, you can hear their enthusiasm and idealism. However, the real world does not work this way. In the real world, people do not get along and political games are played in all areas of life. The students are too naive to realize this. However, do not blame the kids. Blame Cole, Shelley, and Daniels for taking advantage of the children.

Bad Idea: Student Advisory Committee

The student advisory committee is a bad idea because it will make education more political. The students that are involved in this student advisory committee have been meeting with Nicole Cole. How do we know? We have listened to the audio. We also know that the same students have been around Uncle Rich at recent school board meetings. We have also seen the pictures.

We can see how this will play out. The student advisory committee will be used as a political tool for the left. They will use the kids as political pawns. If the left is trying to push for some measure, they will use the kids for the sympathy vote.

Making public education more political is actually making a good argument for school choice or school vouchers. Why? Does a parent want to have their kids in a politically charged public school division or a private school with less politics?

Shelley Limited Public Comments

We find it ironic that supporters of Dawn Shelley are complaining about a measure to limit public comments at school board meetings. At the December 13, 2021, school board meeting, former chair Dawn Shelley did in fact limit the public comments.

Shelley did not allow any further public comment at the 12/13/2021 school board meeting because “we have work to do and we have had 2 hours of public comment”. Historically, the school board has allowed those that did not sign up to speak to speak after everyone is called. Shelley even acknowledged this in this video clip from 12/13/2021. Yet, she choose to limit public comments.

The Woke Wire

The Spotsy Wire is going woke starting today. The Spotsy Wire wishes a happy day to Nice Nicole, Super Shelley, Likeable Lorita, Clean and Lemon Scented Rich, Kind Kassie, Loveable Lofaro and the rest of the crew. Clean and Lemon Scented Rich is a man among men, a pillar of our community, a great role model for the kids. We need to bring back Shake & Bake. Happy April Fool’s Day !

Yakabouski is Playing Politics with Schools

At the February 22 Board of Supervisors meeting, Battlefield District Supervisor Chris Yakabouski introduced the motion to set the real estate tax rate at $0.7377 to ensure level funding. Frazier introduced a substitute motion to have a higher tax rate. Yakabouski voted against the higher tax rate.

Why do we mention this? Yakabouski is on a path to making the school board members look bad. We predict that Yakabouski is going to blame the school board when he votes to not give the Superintendent’s 8 plus million-dollar budget gap to the schools. Why do we think this way? Yakabouski talks about helping schools. Yet, Yakabouski introduced and voted for the lower tax rate so that he has no wiggle room to say he helped the schools. So, he has to blame someone.