Budget Cuts

Budget Cuts. Librarians need to be the first round of layoffs since they refuse to understand the difference between explicit books in a public-school library (bad) versus public library (completely fine). The next round of cuts needs to be any teacher or administrator that pushes social emotional learning and equity. The third round of cuts needs to be directed at teachers that do not follow the science when it comes the existence of only 2 sexes. The 4th round of cuts needs to be all the wokeys that showed up to last nights school board meeting. We might just be able to give a tax break to everyone just on these 4 things alone.

Parents of the World, Unite

There is a great book by Ian Prior called “Parents of the World, Unite!”. This book covers strategies on how to counter those on the left that are destroying education. Prior has been active on social media and on Fox News about education issues mainly in Loudoun County. This book can be purchased at Amazon and other retailers. Links are below



Parents of Spotsylvania, it is time to unite with Ian Prior. There is so much he knows. Spotsy Stands with Ian Prior !

A Nasty Email, Part 2

Spotsylvania County School Board member Nicole Cole sent another hostile email to Superintendent Mark Taylor. Cole resorts to name calling and making outrageous claims. The email was sent at 2:47am. We suspect she was under the influence of something because she clearly does not understand the term “fascist”.

A fascist is an authoritarian person or group that uses force towards another person or group to ram down their belief system. A great example of a fascist is Nasty Nicole, BLM, Antifa or the entire Democratic Party. Below are links showing how Nasty Nicole attempted to ban a private citizen from school board meetings for engaging in constitutionally protected first amendment activity. That is definitely fascist behavior by Nasty Nicole !



A Nasty Email, Part 1

Spotsylvania County School Board Member Nicole Cole is known for sending mean-spirited, ill-tempered emails. The screenshot below is one such example. Nasty Nicole sent an email in the early morning to Superintendent Mark Taylor. This email has a commanding dictatorial tone. We thought the actions of the board direct the superintendent. Apparently, that’s not true according to Nasty Nicole.

The email shows that Nasty Nicole is a fascist dictator that wants to bully Mark Taylor. Nasty Nicole is still weaponizing the court system to remove Taylor as the Superintendent with her lawsuit against the Virginia Board of Education. It is understandable why Taylor would not want to respond to any of Nasty Nicole’s emails.

Uncle Rich Whining Again, Part 3

Rich Lieberman has a long history of complaining. Below is an article from April 2008 in the Richmond Times Dispatch on Uncle Rich complaining about a softball league in Caroline County. Uncle Rich used identity politics to make his argument. Given Uncle Rich’s past track record of exaggerated claims and misinformation, we believe he was antagonizing public officials and looking to extract money from the taxpayer.

Uncle Rich Whining Again, Part 2

On March 11, we posted an email from pro-diabetes and pro-obesity snack activist Rich Lieberman complaining about Spotsylvania Schools Chief of Staff Jon Russell. Below is the email exchange between Lieberman and Nicole Cole.

Uncle Rich and Nasty Nicole have supported each other for years. The email exchange is nothing more than their usual political attacks against Jon Russell, Superintendent Taylor, and The Spotsy Wire. Cole sends the email at 1:35am on March 13. Apparently, she is drunk on the wokeness in the early morning hours.

Earlier Article – https://spotsywire.com/2023/03/11/uncle-rich-whining-again/

Uncle Rich Whining Again

Here is an email from Uncle Rich complaining about Jon Russell of Spotsylvania County Schools. We thought Uncle Rich was spending all of his day providing students sugary, high carb, high calorie snacks that cause diabetes and contribute to the obesity epidemic in the country. Apparently, we were wrong. Uncle Rich spends his time complaining about Jon Russell, the amazing, illustrious, and wonderful chief of staff of Spotsylvania County schools.

The Woke Meltdown, Part 1

Anti-child far-left activists spent this past weekend holding meetings to coordinate attacks against conservatives on the Spotsylvania County School Board. When the school board meeting was cancelled on Monday, many on the left had a meltdown on social media. It disrupted their coordinated attacks.

Below are screenshots of two zoom meetings from this past weekend setup by far-left anti-child activists. School Board candidate Carol Medawar, Riverbend High school teacher Nicole McCloskey, and Caitlin Bennett attended. Screenshots are below. We heard Nasty Nicole attended this meeting too.

  • Crackpot Carol was one of the higher ups in the National Education Association (NEA). She lost her school board races in Stafford County before setting up residency in Spotsylvania County.
  • Maniac McCloskey is a teacher at Riverbend High School. She is an activist teacher that used to comment frequently on Spotsy Wire before we placed her in time-out for bad behavior.
  • Caitlin Bennett is the campaign manager for far-left senate candidate Ben Leachfield, the Septic Drane Field. Leachfield’s far left views are a danger to students.

School Board Meeting on March 6

There is a regular meeting of the Spotsylvania County school board on March 6. Screenshots of the agenda are below. There are two action items on the agenda covering a grant for 8 new SROs and a policy update on using Narcan. We hope to learn answers to the following questions at this school board meeting.

  • Will Nasty Nicole attempt to get the board to recognize Social Emotional Learning Day on March 10?
  • Will Lying Lorita continue to conceal her true identity as a marxist anti-parent school board member?
  • Will Uncle Rich, Marxist Megan, and Crackpot Carol speak during public comment?
  • Who will Shameful Shelley sue next? Maybe the better question is who will Shameful Shelley NOT sue next ?

Recap on Kirk Twigg Situation

Here is a recap on our articles on Spotsylvania County School Board member Kirk Twigg’s legal situation.

On 2/24, we posted Kirk Twigg’s statement in an email that he sent the Spotsy Wire – https://spotsywire.com/2023/02/24/kirk-twigg-statement-on-2-24-2023/

On 2/26, we pointed how the Albermarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney office, who is handling the Twigg case, is linked to George Soros – https://spotsywire.com/2023/02/26/soros-sunday/

On 2/27, we looked at the donors for the Albermarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney – https://spotsywire.com/2023/02/27/wondering-why-twiggs-case-was-moved-to-albermarle-county/

We cannot rely upon an institution to raise children

At the Tuesday February 28 Board of Supervisors meeting, Lori Hayes made a great speech on the important role parent’s make in their child’s education. Hayes stated that “We can not rely upon an institution to raise children”. Here is the video clip.

Supervisor Frazier immediately countered Hayes speech by saying “it’s not that the parents do not want to be involved, it’s just that they have to decide if they keep the lights on or they have to volunteer their time, everyone does not have that privilege”. Our rebuttal to Frazier is that she is creating a false binary. Parents are the best individuals to make decisions about spending time with their child. If a parent is unable to make time for their child, then stop being a bad parent and make better life choices. Government dependency is the worst thing you can do for your child.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Spotsylvania County School Board members Dawn Shelley and Nicole Cole attended the Board of Supervisors Meeting on February 28. Marxist Megan, who is running for school board, sat between Shameful Shelley and Nasty Nicole. All three spent time talking amongst themselves during the meeting. Marxist Megan is clearly not a moderate. She is actively engaged with the far-left extremists on the school board that seek to undermine the quality of education for students.

Presentation of School Budget to Board of Supervisors

Spotsylvania County schools will present the school budget at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting tonight at 6pm. Screenshots of the agenda are below. We hope to hear answers to the following questions.

  • Will Uncle Rich ask the Supervisors to fund sugary unhealthy snacks that cause diabetes for the students?
  • Will Shameful Shelley ask the Supervisors to fund her a new car by Nissan?
  • Will Nasty Nicole show her privilege card during public comment?
  • Will Lying Lorita ask the Supervisors to fund one of her disgusting equity committees that will bring down all the students in Spotsylvania County?

Wondering why Twigg’s Case was moved to Albermarle County

The office of the Albermarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney will handle Spotsylvania County School Board member Kirk Twigg’s court case. We looked into the donors for Albermarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Hingeley’s campaign and found many big money donors from the far left. Democrat Virginia Senator Creigh Deeds donated over $10,000. The Soros funded Justice and Public Safety PAC donated $8000.00. The Democratic Party of Albermarle County donated $5100.00. It makes you wonder why Twigg’s case was moved to far-left Albermarle County.

Sonjia Smith donated $114,000 to Hingeley’s campaign. Who is Sonjia Smith? According to the Virginia Mercury, Smith is a former attorney married to a billionaire hedge fund manager that supports many far-left causes. Smith has made many big money donations to far-left politicians in Albermarle County and throughout Virginia according to VPAP.

We found an interesting example of how money apparently moves around. Kenneth Sneathern is a judge in Charlottesville General District Court. Smith donated $20000.00 to Sneathern’s campaign for Commonwealth’s Attorney according to VPAP in 2018. Sneathern later donated $9635.00 to Hingeley’s campaign for Commonwealth’s Attorney in November 2018. Smith seems to have an influence with everyone on the far-left in Albermarle County.

Virginia Mercury article – https://www.virginiamercury.com/2021/05/17/with-big-money-behind-progressive-challengers-2021-could-be-test-case-for-charlottesville-donors-influence/

VPAP link to Kenneth Sneathern – https://www.vpap.org/committees/323974/top_donors/

VPAP link to Jim Hingeley – https://www.vpap.org/committees/326469/hingeley-for-albemarle-commonwealth-attorney-jim/

VPAP link to Sonjia Smith – https://www.vpap.org/donors/3320-s-sonjia-smith/

Soros Sunday

The Albemarle County Commonwealths Attorney’s office will handle the case against Kirk Twigg. It just so happens that the commonwealth’s attorney from Albermarle County, Jim Hingeley, received campaign contributions from the George Soros funded Justice and Public Safety PAC. Soros, the far-left extremist billionaire, has funded campaigns of other far-left candidates. Here are links and screenshots from the Washington Free Beacon and the Schilling Show. It makes you wonder why the Twigg case was sent to Albermarle County.