Lacking Decorum, Part 6

Here is a video clip of Nicole Cole’s obnoxious reaction when she was unable to hear fellow board member Rabih Abuismail’s vote. Nasty Nicole provides a learning moment for children about proper manners and tone of voice. What is a better way to say something to Mr Abuismail? I bet we have a lot of elementary school students that could handle this situation better.

Lacking Decorum, Part 4

At the March 28 school board meeting, Dawn Shelley and Nicole Cole displayed many moments of immature behavior. Here is a video clip of Nasty Nicole interrupting April Gillespie and Shameful Shelley mocking Gillespie’s response. If Shameful Shelley behaves like this in public, it makes you wonder if she mocks her students this way at Conway Elementary.

Subpoena Shelley

At 9:10pm, both Shelley and Cole said that “I do not want another lawsuit…..”. That triggered an idea. Shelley should get a subpoena and be compelled to testify regarding her role during part 2 of the closed session on January 10. “Ms Shelley, did you enter part 2 of the closed session?”

Is Shelley going to commit perjury on the stand or is she finally going to answer truthfully by stating she actually attended the closed meeting.

Who else should get a subpoena to testify in court? Should the administrative staff such as Dr Martin or Ms Boller get a subpoena too? Martin is the FOIA officer tasked with FOIA compliance of the entire school board.. What about compelling Cole and Daniels to testify? We would like to see them both on the stand.

Gillespie Plan on Bonuses

Gillespie’s original plan to use the bonus money in the carryover funds as a retention bonus is a good use of taxpayer money. It creates a reward for staff to continue into the next school year. It does not make sense to provide bonuses to staff that are leaving. Admin staff that have a salary over $100000 per year are not eligible for a bonus. This ensures that the educators receive the core retention bonus.

Shelley, Cole, and Daniels entered closed session

On January 10th, Shelley, Daniels, and Cole did in fact enter the 2nd part of the closed session. The camera was turned off for closed session at 1:20:30 in the school board meeting video. Yes, all 3 did not initially go into the side room for closed session. What you didn’t see when the camera was off was Shelley, Daniels, and Cole eventually walking into the side room for the 2nd part of closed session. How do we know ? We were there. We saw it first hand. Others were there and saw it first hand. The minutes for January 10 are wrong where it says some did not attend. We love how the left is spinning this when the camera was off. #WeAreIsaiah

Court Hearing on 3/25

We will have more in a few days on the 3/25 court hearing in the Makaila Keyes vs conservative school board member’s case. There is a lot of spin generated by Adele of the free lance star and on social media that is not accurate.

* Despite what Adele stated in her FLS article, the court date is not set.  EDIT…At 5pm on 3.25, the new virginia online case information system 2.0 did not show a date.  The 1.0 version website does show the case info with a date that we know isn’t confirmed.  Having both case search versions does cause confusion.  Also at 5pm on 3.25 sources stated the time wasn’t settled.  It was not set in open court either.

* Nicole Cole managed to hit a parked car twice in the parking lot. This occurred as Isaiah was leaving the courthouse.

* Dirty Uncle Rich decided to chase Lisa Phelps to the bathroom. A month ago, he chased Phelps after a late school board meeting in the parking lot. Why is he doing this? Is he obsessed with Phelps? Is he mad he lost the election to Phelps?

School Board Meeting, March 28

There is a Spotsylvania County school board special meeting on Monday March 28. Screenshots of the agenda are below.

* The Superintendent search and the carryover funds are the 2 main items on the agenda

* Will Shameful Shelley, Nasty Nicole, and Rude Rita continue to cause drama?

* Will our band of woke superheroes (Dirty Uncle Rich, Kellogg’s Kassie, Looney Lofaro, The Napster, Wild Bill, Brain Drane) save the world?

Dennis Martin’s Role as FOIA Officer

Dr. Dennis Martin is the FOIA officer of Spotsylvania County Schools and the clerk of the School Board. Dr. Martin has specific legal responsibilities with his roles. In Virginia code 2.2-3704.2 A, Martin’s role as the FOIA officer is to “coordinate the public body’s compliance with the provisions of this chapter.” The chapter is chapter 37 which is the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

1- Why was the agenda for the 3/21 special meeting changed hours before the meeting was to occur? As the FOIA officer, Martin is responsible for FOIA compliance. How did the agenda change under his watch? It is our understanding none of the school board members have direct access to change or upload agendas into BoardDocs. It’s our understanding that Martin holds this access.

2- Why did Martin not take a more prominent and vocal role to ensure FOIA compliance at the January 10 school board meeting? As the FOIA officer, that is a legal requirement. Yet he abdicated that responsibility when school board members asked for assistance.

It appears Dr Martin is trying to set up conservatives Twigg, Abuismail, Phelps, and Gillespie for failure. The Makaila Keyes lawsuit is seeking individual penalties against them. Penalties can only occur if a “violation was willfully and knowingly made” as stated in Virginia Code 2.2-3714.  Given Martin’s role in all of this, it would be difficult to reach the “willfully and knowingly made” standard since Martin is responsible for FOIA compliance per the law.

Lacking Decorum, Part 2

The lack of decorum by Dawn Shelley at the February 14 school board meeting was on full display. Below is a video clip during the discussion of committee assignments. School board members are placed on ad hoc committees at the discretion of the chair. These ad hoc committees are nothing more than a group of stakeholders discussing issues with a board member present.

Shelley asks school board member April Gillespie what her “credentials” are to serve on the Governor’s School committee. Shelley does not hold this standard with anyone else and implies Gillespie is not qualified. Shelley’s passive aggressive attack on Gillespie is disgusting. This was one of many attacks by Shameful Shelley on February 14.

Lacking Decorum, Part 1

The lack of decorum at school board meetings has primarily come from school board members Nicole Cole, Lorita Daniels, and Dawn Shelley. The local news media’s narrative would have you believe otherwise. Below is a video clip of Nicole Cole’s lack of decorum.

School board member Lisa Phelps has the floor. Yet, Cole attempts to interrupt and talk over Phelps. Cole gets progressively louder. At the end, Twigg tells Cole that this is not a fourth-grade class. Nasty Nicole acts worse than a 4th grader.

The Makaila Keyes Frivolous Lawsuit

The Makaila Keyes frivolous lawsuit against the 4 conservative school board members is a political stunt that will waste taxpayer money. Virginia Code 15.2-1405 states that elected officials have immunity. If immunity did not exist, then public officials would be subject to endless lawsuits, and nothing would get done.

Since elected officials have immunity, the lawsuit will ultimately be against the school board. Virginia Code 15.2-1520 states that “all costs and expenses of such proceedings so defended shall be charged against the treasury of the locality, or political subdivision and shall be paid out of funds provided therefor by the governing body thereof”.

In other words, the school board will have to use taxpayer money to defend itself against a frivolous lawsuit. Perhaps a portion of the carryover funds are repurposed to defending a lawsuit. Perhaps teacher’s pay is reduced. The educators that are cheering on this frivolous lawsuit are undermining their position.

The lawsuit will have a difficult time proving that individual penalties can occur if a “violation was willfully and knowingly made” as stated in Virginia Code 2.2.-3714. First, the clerk and deputy clerk, Dennis Martin and Patty Boller abdicated their responsibilities. There are moments in the January 10th meeting that they were asked for assistance and refused. They did not ensure parliamentary procedures were followed. They choose not to read the board into closed session. Furthermore, the behavior of Shelley, Cole, and Daniels created the chaos on January 10th.

Elected officials are held accountable on election day. The new board was barely in power for a few hours at the January 10th school board meeting. Yet, Keyes and her supporters are undermining the will of the voters that just elected a conservative majority on the school board.

Rules for Thee but not for me with FOIA Violations

If we agree that we should hold our elected leaders accountable for FOIA violations, then we should not look the other way when the left majority violated FOIA at the December 13 school board meeting. The legal matter that the Edwards Law Firm announced on behalf of Makaila Keyes is a partisan political effort to attack the conservatives on a case that lacks merit. The Edwards Law Firm and Makaila Keyes leaves the left members of the school board untouched.

Dawn Shelley was the school board chair in December 2021. Shelley rushed to revisit the superintendent’s contract just before the new board took office in January. She led the effort to violate FOIA and Virginia Code 22.1-60 by illegally modifying former Superintendent Scott Baker’s contract without the required 30 days’ notice to the public. A separation agreement is in fact a contract.

The public nor the board were notified the required 30 days to digest the contract proposal. We covered this back in our January 13 post. Link is below

Legal Matter against Twigg Gillespie Phelps and Abuismail, Part 2

Here is part 2 of our article on the legal matter against the conservative majority on the school board. It is clear this is political because the liberal minority of Cole, Daniels, and Shelley are purposely omitted from this announcement. Here are more of our responses to the announcement by the Edwards law firm.

“Declare and conduct an unlawful closed meeting that was on neither the original proposed agenda, nor on the substantially and materially altered substitute agenda”

Yes, it was on the agenda. We have included a screenshot of the original agenda below. It was also in the final agenda. Personnel matters are always covered under closed session.

“Declare and conduct an unlawful closed meeting without holding a vote to go into closed session. Vice Chair Mrs. April Gillespie, along with Members Mrs. Lisa A. Phelps and Mr. Rabih Abuismail, are also alleged to have willfully and knowingly violated Ms. Keyes’ rights and privileges under Virginia FOIA when they followed Chairman Twigg into the unlawful closed meeting without a vote, without public notice, and against their colleagues’ warnings of impending FOIA violations.”

All seven school board members made a choice to physically walk into a separate room for a closed session without the public present. This act alone by all 7 members constitutes consent and agreement to enter the closed session. Furthermore, the clerk and deputy clerk, Dennis Martin and Patty Boller abdicated their responsibilities for much of the meeting to ensure parliamentary procedures were followed. They choose not to read the board into closed session.

The Edwards Law Firm PLLC is committed to maintaining the independence and impartiality of this investigation, and to pursuing any legal action necessary to serve the best interests of Spotsylvania County students”

Again, there is no impartiality when the law firm makes no mention of the liberal minority of Daniels, Cole, and Shelley as all three created chaos during the January 10 meeting. To serve the best interests of students, there was this thing called an election back in November 2021. The majority of voters choose a conservative majority on the school board. The attempt to undermine the will of the voters does not serve the best interest of Spotsylvania County students.

Lets talk FOIA violations

Let’s talk FOIA violations. Look at Shelley, Daniels, and Cole committing one on 2/8/2022. This is far more egregious than what the Edwards Law Firm and Makalia Keyes are alleging as a FOIA violation. Here are the links covering this issue.

Legal Matter against Twigg Gillespie Phelps and Abuismail, Part 1

The Edwards Law Firm announced a legal matter on behalf of Makalia Keyes against school board members Gillespie, Phelps, Abuismail, and Twigg. The announcement contains errors in logic and is clearly political in nature. Let’s look at some of the statements in the announcement.

“The Edwards Law Firm PLLC has been retained to conduct an ongoing, independent legal investigation of the Spotsylvania County School Board regarding alleged violations of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), employment, and education law”

After reading the letter, there is hardly anything independent about this. It is silly to argue that an independent investigation is being conducted when in the very first sentence of the announcement it states that Makaila Keyes is taking on the school board.

A formal recall action will be pursued against any members whose conduct suggests neglect of duty, misuse of office, or incompetence in the performance of duties, such that the School Board’s duty to serve the best interests of the students and community has been materially compromised.

In Virginia, the process to recall an elected official is nearly impossible. There needs to be at least 10 percent of the votes cast to sign a recall petition and a circuit court judge must determine if there is merit with the recall. It is our understanding that the only time a recall election was successful was back in 2010 with the removal of a mayor in the Hampton Roads area. Judges generally dismiss these petitions because the motive is clearly political rather than criminal in nature.

The School Board has been properly notified of our intent to file suit on behalf of petitioner and former Spotsylvania County student, Makaila Keyes, age 19.

This law firm just said that that they are conducting an “independent legal investigation”. This directly contradicts the intent to file a lawsuit

Kirk Twigg willfully and knowingly violated Ms. Keyes’ rights when, against the warnings of certain colleagues, he chose to: (1) Propose, push, and pass a substantially and materially altered meeting agenda without an opportunity for public inspection

The agenda can be changed at the start of the meeting. Ms. Keyes does not have a right to prevent the agenda from being changed. In Virginia Code 2.2-3707 F, it states that the “proposed agenda and all agenda packets and, unless exempt, all materials furnished to members of a public body for a meeting shall be made available for public inspection…………” The key phrase is “proposed agenda”. A final agenda does not have to be supplied ahead of the meeting. In other words, you can change the agenda.

3/7 School Board Meeting, Public Comments Part 3

Here is the speech by Roy Searles during public comments at the 3/7/2022 school board meeting.  According to the CDC, 1 in 4 Americans has a disability such as ADHD, brain injury, diabetes, etc. Many that have a disability are fully functional members of society. For example, former school board member Erin Grampp mentioned having a brain injury disability yet was fit to serve on the school board. Inclusiveness for those with disabilities should be promoted.

School board member Dawn Shelley has experience working with children with disabilities. Searles alludes to Twigg having a disability. The Spotsy Wire cannot confirm this. If Twigg does have a disability, then Shelley’s constant interruptions, screaming, and derogatory language towards Twigg while he is speaking is mental abuse. This goes against “disability inclusiveness”.

This raises several questions. If Shelley engages in mental abuse of adults that have disabilities, how does she behave around children with disabilities? Why is Shelley not promoting disability inclusiveness? Given her well documented behavior at school board meetings, how is she still employed as an educator at an elementary school in Stafford County?