Isaiah 5:4-5

What more was there to do for my vineyard, that I have not done in it? When I looked for it to yield grapes, why did it yield wild grapes?

And now I will tell you what I will do to my vineyard. I will remove its hedge, and it shall be devoured; I will break down its wall, and it shall be trampled down.

The Far-Left’s Frivolous Crusade Against Mark Taylor

There are several frivolous lawsuits that attempt to prevent Mark Taylor from starting as the Superintendent on November 1. These lawsuits claim to be “for the kids” as radical far-left school board member Nicole Cole said during a recent ABC7 interview. However, these lawsuits are political and distract from the core problems in the school division.

Since 2016, test scores have declined in Spotsylvania County Schools. Far-left radicals such as Dawn Shelley, Lorita Daniels, and previous Superintendent Baker ran the school division into the ground with their far-left ideology. The radical far left on the school board rubber stamped Baker’s agenda to the detriment of students. We covered this in our article from September 11, 2022 –

In response to the problems that Shelley, Daniels, Superintendent Baker, and the rest of the far-left created, the citizens of Spotsylvania County voted in a conservative majority with a conservative mandate to make change. They delivered on this change by removing the previous far-left radical Superintendent, hiring an outside the box Superintendent, and giving teachers the highest raises ever in Spotsylvania County. We covered this in our August 30, 2022 article –

We also covered the test scores issue with this video clip from the March 7, 2022 school board meeting –

Yet, election deniers such as Shelley, Cole, Daniels, and other far-left extremists want to deny the will of the voters with a number of outrageous claims. These elites think they know better than parents. The conservatives on the school board (Twigg, Gillespie, Phelps, Abuismail) respect parental rights.

  • The far-left claim that Taylor is paid too much. Yet Shelley, Cole, and Daniels were demanding the Superintendent have a salary higher than Taylor’s current salary at school board meetings.
  • The far-left claim that Taylor is not qualified because he does not have a teaching background. Yet, the role of the Superintendent has nothing to do with teaching and everything to do with resource management, financial management, hiring the correct people, and removing the distractions of far-left ideology out of the school system.
  • The far-left claim we need someone with an education background. Yet, the so-called experts with PhDs or master’s degrees still cannot explain why test scores keep declining. The so-called experts cannot explain why they ran the school division into the ground.

Amazing Litchfield Coincidence

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the Virginia Department of Education are Nicole Cole and Aubrey Litchfield. There is a radical far-left candidate Ben Litchfield running for state senate against Matt Strickland. Both Ben Litchfield and Aubrey Litchfield have the same last name. That is an amazing coincidence!

Much to our surprise, there is an Aubrey Litchfield that posted comments on Ben Litchfield’s August 8, 2022 Facebook post. There is also a picture of Ben Litchfield with Nicole Cole on August 25th with Dawn Shelley liking the post. What an amazing coincidence! Could it be that Aubrey Litchfield, Ben Litchfield, Nicole Cole, and Dawn Shelley are associated? Could this all be about politics instead of the kids? Is this all just an amazing coincidence?

Nicole Cole’s Other Frivolous Lawsuit

Nicole Cole, the far-left extremist on the Spotsylvania County school board, filed another frivolous lawsuit. This lawsuit is against the Virginia Department of Education and Mark Taylor. The case is filed as CL22004639-00 in the Virginia Court Case information system. This is yet another lawsuit/injunction to prevent conservative Mark Taylor from becoming the Superintendent on November 1.

Nasty Nicole plans on wasting even more taxpayer money to overturn VDOE’s 6-2 decision to grant Mark Taylor the state Superintendent license. This is another example of Nasty Nicole going to the court system because she could not get her way. If Cole is successful, it would set a precedent that any school board decision can be overturned. This could be a powerful tool for conservatives to go after any left majority school boards.

Nicole Cole’s Frivolous Lawsuit

Far left extremist Spotsylvania County School board member Nicole Cole has a lawsuit against…..Spotsylvania County Schools. The case is filed as CL22003454-00 in the Virginia Court Case information system. This lawsuit/injunction seeks to prevent conservative Mark Taylor from becoming the Superintendent on November 1.

Nasty Nicole plans on wasting taxpayer money to overturn the 4-3 vote by the Spotsylvania County School Board to appoint Mark Taylor as the Superintendent. It’s the very same school board that Cole serves on. Apparently, Nasty Nicole is upset she could not get her way, so she resorts to lawsuits and injunctions. Apparently, Mark Taylor scares the far-left extremists in Spotsylvania County since he receives a lot of attention.

October 27 Hearing & The YMCA Connection

The hearing for the injunction against Superintendent Mark Taylor will occur on October 27. The plaintiffs hired Joseph Kirchgessner as their attorney. On Kirchgessner’s law firm website, it states the following about Kirchgessner “He volunteers as a board member of the Ron Rosner YMCA in Spotsylvania County”. Screenshots are below.

Wow, what an interesting coincidence! The local YMCA has a contract with Spotsylvania County Schools. Far left extremist school board member Dawn Shelley happens to win a new $22000 car from the local YMCA. This attorney is on the local YMCA Board of Directors. These associations are facts that just happen to be an amazing coincidence!

Shameful Shelley’s YMCA Problem

Back in June, we reported that far left radical Spotsylvania County school board member Dawn Shelley had a conflict of interest when she won a new $22000 car from the YMCA. The YMCA has a contract with Spotsylvania County Schools. The problem is that school board members cannot financially benefit from any contract the school division holds. This includes the “raffle” that served as the facade or smoke screen for Shelly winning the new car.

Shelley attempted to defend herself by having the Commonwealth’s Attorney produce an opinion letter saying she did nothing wrong. The opinion letter fails to mention two key pieces of evidence. First, the opinion letter omits any mention of a contract between Spotsy Schools and the YMCA. Second, the opinion letter fails to mention that Dawn Shelley herself signed the actual contract with the YMCA. Below are screenshots of that contract.

Is this situation a conflict of interest? A conflict of interest is a situation where a person is in a position to derive a personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity. Shameful Shelley conveniently forgot to provide the Commonwealth’s Attorney with this signed contract that authorized the school division to make payment to the YMCA. This is a damning piece of evidence showing corrupt behavior by Shameful Shelley.

What’s Coming for Spotsy if the Radicals Win

Mark Taylor starts his tenure as the new Superintendent of Spotsylvania County Schools on November 1. However, the radical left is still trying to stop Taylor from being the Superintendent thru legal action. We find it comical that radicals such as Dawn Shelley, Nicole Cole, Lorita Daniels and others support legal action to overturn a 4-3 decision by the conservative majority.

If the radicals are successful in the court system, then a radical agenda will come to Spotsylvania County. Parental rights will go away because Shameful Shelley, Nasty Nicole, and Lying Lorita believe that they know more about your child than you do as a parent. They will continue to deny equality of opportunity in favor of radical socialist ideology known as equity (equality of outcome). There will support anti-science ideology on genders. The playbook for this is on the NEA website and AFT website. (links below)

This is why all conservatives in Spotsylvania County should rally against the tactics of these radicals. There are frivolous lawsuits all over. This includes an appeal of the frivolous Makaila Keyes case. There is a hearing for a frivolous injunction against Taylor taking the Superintendent role. Shameful Shelley and Nasty Nicole promote anything that undermine the conservative majority. Dirty Uncle Rich continues to promote propaganda at the VDOE meeting. If conservatives are ok with the radical agenda being pushed by the left, by all means stay on the sidelines. If conservatives are not ok with this, then stand up against these radicals undermining the conservative majority on the school board.

Equity Cesspool

Daniels mentioned equity again during the 10/10 school board meeting. She does not get it. Equity is equality of outcome. The only way to achieve equality of outcome (equity) is thru racism. Defeating equity is the single most important civil rights issue of the 21st century. Everyone will be better off if the focus was on equality of opportunity instead of this equity cesspool.

V Quote Part 2

“Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea…..and ideas are bulletproof.”








The Case for School Choice

Here is the raw video of the student protest at Spotsylvania High School on September 27th. The school administration allowed political activism to occur on school grounds. We thought the purpose of school was to get an education in an environment free of politics. Yet, school administrators allowed a disruption to the learning environment during the school day.

This video makes a very strong case for school choice or a school voucher program. Afterall, parents are the ultimate authority over their child’s education. There are many parents that do not want educators to promote radical ideology to their child. They just want their child to get an education that prepares them for a job. If there was a school voucher program in place, we suspect many parents would take advantage of that after seeing this video.

It is our understanding that parents were not informed of this student protest in advance. The educators and administrators at Spotsylvania High School took away a parent’s right to make the decision on whether or not their child should be around this protest. This “we know better for your child” attitude that the educators display disrespects parents. Furthermore, the administration did nothing to enforce the code of conduct. Students used profanity and no school resource officers were seen in the camera.

Thought Experiment

There was a student protest inside Spotsylvania High School on Tuesday September 27. One can easily find these videos all over social media. We will post a video from another camera angle shortly. This got us thinking. How does one get approval to do a student protest inside a school? Could we do one spontaneously?

Here is a thought experiment. Since the school administration allows protests inside public schools now, we at the Spotsy Wire propose holding one of the following student protests listed below. We imagine that the school administration would have no problem with this. Would the school administration set a double standard or be hypocrites on these protests below? Yes or No?

  • Protest the right to wear a confederate flag in silence anywhere on school grounds
  • Protest the right to read from a bible out loud with a megaphone anywhere on school grounds
  • Protest that Nicole Cole and Dawn Shelley need to resign because they are a disgrace to the community
  • Protest against the student protest on 9/27 because those of us that live in objective reality realize that the bathroom issue is based on objective facts such as chromosome structure instead of subjective feelings
  • Protest the right for school choice because there are those of us that want to focus on learning instead of politics. Some of us do not want any disruption on our education from those on the far left that focus on feelings instead of facts

Nasty Nicole’s Nasty Attitude towards Jen Petersen

Apparently, there is a small group of students that reside in the insane asylum at Spotsy High. Who knew? In other news, look at the nasty emails that Nicole Cole sent to Jen Petersen with regards to book challenges. This is how an elected school board member talks to a citizen. Nasty Nicole does not realize her own hypocrisy. The book challenge process is a farce as we explained in our earlier article

Kalahari Tourism Development Financing Program

The Board of Supervisors meeting on September 27 features Kalahari as one of the agenda items. On a related note, here is video of the Economic Development board meeting vote on the tourism gap financing program for the benefit of Kalahari. Note how Mr. Burchett seemed stunned that this public meeting was video recorded by a citizen. Then he voted against the motion.

The Flawed Book Challenge Policy, Part 1

Policy IIA-R of the Spotsylvania County School division covers book challenges by parents. The book challenge policy has a 10-step process. There is a fundamental flaw with the entire 10 step process because there is no objective measurement by which one judges a book. The committee is nothing more than just a show. Let’s look at step 5 and step 6 in the process.

The ad hoc committee mentioned in step 5 is fundamentally flawed because it does not provide the parameters by which an individual can serve on the committee. To reduce the bias of the committee, an individual must be randomly chosen to represent a cross section of the community without regards to age, political affiliation, gender, etc. Furthermore, committee members must have objective metrics to judge a book.

The policy makes no effort to remove bias. The principal is responsible for setting up the committee. What is to prevent the principal from stacking a committee with individuals that will undermine the parent challenging the book? What is to prevent far left groups from telling their members to ask the principal to be on the committee? The political bias becomes clearly evident.

In step 6 of the process, there is no mention of an objective measurement. The policy reduces book challenges to subjectivity and feelings. A better way for the committee to function is to have objective measurements. Does the challenged book violate obscenity laws as defined in Virginia Code 18.2-391 and 18.2-374? Does the challenged book directly support the material taught in the classroom? If the challenged book cannot pass both litmus tests, then the school needs to donate the challenged book to a public library instead of remaining in a school library.

The IIA-R policy was last revised in 2019 when the left held a majority. This includes Braswell, Grampp, Meyer, Blaine, and of course the shameful one herself, Dawn Shelly. They approved a policy that catered to subjectivity instead of objectivity which in turn promotes obscene material entering school libraries.