What makes Masks Effective ?

We are curious about what makes masks effective. We hold no judgement on this issue. We just simply want to learn more. The Spotsy Wire emailed the Virginia Department of Health the following question. We are waiting to hear their response.

The National Institute of Health has two articles that we find interesting. The first article states that the size of the covid-19 virus is about 100 nanometers or 0.1 microns. The second article states that the pore size of cotton masks is between 80 to 500 microns. Links to those articles are below.

If the pore size is 80 to 500 microns and the covid-19 virus measures .1 microns, how does a cotton mask offer protection ? Are there other factors that we are missing ? Are there certain types of cotton masks that are more effective that others ? We want to learn more and not just accept something as given. Why doesn’t anyone ask this question ?



If everything is about the science, it is ok to ask these kind of questions. Science requires constant questions and constant challenges. If it holds up, then the theory is valid. Look at Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Scientists are constantly challenging the theory. No one has been able to prove him wrong. This strengthens the validity of Einstein’s theory.

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