Birds of a Feather Flock Together, Part 3

Here are more indicators of collaboration between the campaigns of Erin Grampp, Rich Lieberman, Nicole Cole, Todd Rump and Baron Braswell. They support each other on social media as they all hold left or liberal positions. Here are two screenshots that show this collaboration.

The first post from left wing candidate Nicole Cole on August 25 shows her support for other left candidates Grampp, Rump, Braswell, and indirect support for Lieberman. Notice that school board chair Dawn Shelley, former school board representative Blalock, and radio show host Ted Schubel all support the post.

The second post is from left wing candidate for supervisor Baron Braswell from July 22. Although the post itself is not interesting, look at who liked the post. School board chair Dawn Shelley, Erin Grampp, Rich Lieberman, former school board candidate Erin Sherwood, and others like the post.

It is common to see all these individuals like and support each others pages and posts. This follows up on our earlier posts indicating collaboration and support at this link –

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