The Case Against Baker, Part 2

Ethical issues surround the tenure of outgoing Spotsylvania County Schools Superintendent Scott Baker. Baker is not infallible as his supporters suggest. One such ethical issue is the email sent by the school division just before the election promoting then candidate Nicole Cole. We wrote about this in an earlier article.

The school division promoted a “college financial seminar” for a candidate running for school board just days before the election. We find the timing of this email very suspicious. In essence, the school administration provided extra advertising for Cole. To the best of our knowledge, Baker did not hold anyone accountable or acknowledged the problem just like the cheerleading banner controversy.

Baker is responsible for implementing school board policies thru the management of school employees. School Board Policy GBG clearly prevents anyone in the school division from promoting political candidates. There is no justification for allowing this to occur on his watch.

An employee may not………”suggest in any manner that the school division or any component of it supports or opposes a candidate for election an any office” and “use the employee’s position within the school division to further a political cause”. It is clear that the Cole email from the school division more than just “suggests” the support of a candidate because of the timing and conflict of interest.

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