VSBA Pushes Leftists Political Positions

The Virginia School Board Association (VSBA) spends time advocating for leftist political positions. The VSBA behaves just like a political action committee. Spotsylvania County schools pays a significant amount of taxpayer dollars to the VSBA for membership dues or seminars.

Shelley, Daniels, and Cole are the left members of the school board that are strong advocates of VSBA. These left members of the school board complained that the conservative members spent taxpayer dollars on a conservative conference. The hypocrisy is obvious. Shelley, Daniels, and Cole have no problem spending taxpayer dollars to the VSBA; an organization pushing leftist political positions.

Our first screenshot is from the VSBA advocacy government relations webpage. This webpage shows that VSBA behaves like a political action committee. Look at the items in yellow. It is clear that the VSBA is engaged in political activity funded by the taxpayer. The point of a lobbyist is to persuade politicians that a partisan position should be part of a piece of legislation.

  • “VSBA lobbyists regularly provide updates via our legislative blog”
  • “The VSBA Executive Director and lobbyists are in daily contact discussing legislation and politics that drive the Associations Lobbying efforts…”.

Our second screenshot is from the VSBA 2019-2020 annual report. This shows that VSBA holds partisan political positions. Again, look at the items in yellow. It mentions new policy focus with democrat control, defeating specific pieces of legislation, labor relations, and collective bargaining which is a euphemism for unions. These are partisan political issues pushed by the left.

  • “The annual VSBA Capital Conference was held in January bringing over 300 school board members to Richmond to engage members of the Virginia General Assembly”
  • “The 2020 legislative session saw the Democrats in control of both chambers of the legislature and the Governor’s mansion for the first time in over twenty years. The change of the majority party in the legislature brought new policy focuses that will impact school boards in Virginia.”
  • “The session saw many bills dealing with labor relations in 2020 including SB 939/HB 582, which will allow for local school board employees to enter into collective bargaining agreements”
  • “The VSBA Lobbying team was able to defeat the following pieces of worrisome legislation”

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