Did Shameful Shelley Leak Closed Session Info?

Spotsylvania County school board member Dawn Shelley attended the VDOE board meeting on Wednesday August 17th. Shelley, who is employed by Stafford County schools for her day job, took time off from work to engage in partisan political activity to remove Mark Taylor from the list of eligible Superintendents in Virginia. Mark Taylor is supposedly the lead candidate for Superintendent in Spotsylvania County schools. A number of Shelley supporters attended the VDOE board meeting to hammer Taylor.

This cannot be coincidence. Discussions on specific Superintendent candidates have occurred only in closed session at this point. Specific names were not announced to the public. Is it possible that Shameful Shelley leaked Taylor’s name to her supporters well in advance so that they show up to the VDOE board meeting? We suspect it’s possible. Afterall, Shelley did state at the June 13 school board meeting that she will continue to let everyone know about internal communications that she feels is important. We made a prediction that she would leak Superintendent information in an earlier article: https://spotsywire.com/2022/06/29/we-predict-another-shameful-shelley-leak-to-fls/

We wrote emails to the Stafford County school board and administration asking for comment about Shameful Shelley taking a day off teaching students to engage in partisan political activities. At this time, we have not heard back from anyone at Stafford County Schools. We find it odd that a person that claims the school board should be non-partisan engages in partisan political behavior with a Superintendent candidate.

UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POST: The name Mark Taylor was mentioned in a FB video by Dirty Uncle Rich about 5 weeks ago. The name has in fact been out there for at least that time. Dirty Uncle has a strong association with Shameful Shelley. That is why we suspect that the name was leaked well in advance.

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