Shameful Shelley Films Searles

Spotsylvania County school board member Dawn Shelley was caught filming a private citizen, Roy Searles, from the dais at the August 19th school board special meeting. Searles asked Interim Superintendent Guempel a question. Shelley then proceeds to badger Searles while filming him. The behavior by a sitting school board member on the dais against a private citizen is bizarre. Below is a transcript of the exchange and the video.

SEARLES: Is she threatening you Mr. Guempel?
GUEMPEL: No…..(inaudible)….
SHELLEY: Where would you get that idea, Mr. Searles? Where would you get that idea? You are the one who is threatening me Mr. Searles.
SEARLES: How did I threaten you?
SHELLEY: Oh, let’s see all your little posts about my car….(inaudible)…playing the YMCA song….

Shameful Shelley provides many moments of bizarre behavior at school board meetings. This moment leads us to ask the following questions.

  • Why was Shelley filming Searles?
  • Is Shelley obsessed with Searles?
  • Does Shelley keep a private collection of Searles videos at home for her enjoyment?

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