Matt Strickland Write-In Campaign

We have learned that there is a write-in campaign for Matt Strickland for both the Virginia Senate 27 seat and the Virginia House of Delegates 63rd seat. We believe this is a credible campaign that can reshape things in November. Below is a screenshot of a sample ballot.

Incumbent delegate Phill Scott is vulnerable to a write-in campaign from both Dawn Shelley and Matt Strickland. First, Shelley defeated Scott in a 2019 school board race by 8 points. Second, Strickland still remains a popular figure despite having lost to Durant by 12 votes in Spotsylvania County. Scott’s inability to stand on principle and unify the party has made him very vulnerable over the past 3 months.

Republican Tara Durant to the best of our knowledge has done nothing to unify the party with Strickland supporters. Durant is in a very competitive race with wealthy democrat Joel Griffin. Durant needs every vote but has not made any amends with Strickland or any attempt to unify the party. Could Durant lose 1700 votes in Spotsylvania County and still win in November?

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